Saturday, July 2, 2016

Character Creation: Infestation

I love games that I can read in 20 minutes. They make this project easier.

The Game: Infestation: An RPG of Bugs And Heroes
The Publisher: Third Eye Games
Degree of Familiarity: Haven't played this particular game, but it works on the same system as Mermaid Adventures, which I've run a few times.
Books Required: Just the one.

Infestation is a cute but gross game in which you're playing bugs, recently elevated to sapience by a strange event called the Awakening. Possible goals might include taking over the House, fighting off other bugs, and determining the source of said Awakening. Like Mermaid Adventures, it's a simple premise with a lot of potential if you want to unpack it, and it's a simple enough system that kids can play it pretty easily.

Making a character, then, involves picking one of a dozen types of bugs. I pick spider, because spiders are objectively the best. I get The Above (Attic) or Crawly Spaces (between the walls) as Favored Lands. My Gross-out starts at 3, but since I might raise it with a Quality, I won't write that in yet. I get Body 1, Mind 2, Charm 2, and Instinct 1, and then I get 5 more points to raise Attributes.

I also get Blood Sucker, Web Spinner, and Alluring as Qualities for free. I picture my spider as kind of Scar-talking-to-Simba, kind of charming and oily all at the same time.

I'll spend my Attribute points thusly: I want at least one more in Body, so I'll pump that to 2. I want to be charming as hell, so I'll put 2 into Charm, making that 4. I'll put one into Instinct, and then my last one I'll put into Mind, so I'm pretty even across the board.

Now I get five Qualities. Three have to be Attribute Qualities (tied to particular Attributes), while two are Item Qualities (things I own that help me). I can take Magic Qualities instead of either of those, which I might for Item because I'm not super into gear.

Well, for Attribute Qualities, I'll take Eek! A Bug!, which adds 1 to my Gross-Out. I want Electrician, so that my spider knows where the shocking wires in the Crawly Spaces are and can avoid them (or make them into traps). I'll take Path-Finding; I get a bonus to find my way in tunnels.

Now I get two more Qualities. They can be Item Qualities, but I can't think of anything I want my charming, creepy spider to have. So I'll go with Magic.

Magic comes in two flavors: Rituals and Concoctions. Concoctions are just spells you prepare (once you've prepared it you have to use it before you can make it again), whereas Rituals are things you do once and they change your character. However, the book also says that you don't take Rituals at chargen, but I can't tell if that means you can have them but haven't performed them, or if you just flat-out can't take them. I'll assume the latter.

Instead, I'll take the Reflection Concoction (I can make myself look big and scary) and Fungal Charm (mind-control paste!).

Were we actually playing, the HM (Hive Master) would roll some dice to make the House, but since it's just me, I just need a name. My character's name is Panther (after Pink Panther insulation, which the Giants spread all over the place in The Above). He's a big, black wolf-spider (which don't usually spin webs, but y'know, Awakening), and he has a deep, soothing voice.