Sunday, June 12, 2016

Character Creation: Filthy Greed

That's not the name of the game, just the theme.

But first, whaaaaat, three chargen posts in a row? There's a reason for that. I ran a game yesterday but I don't know that I'm gonna do a write-up, I haven't watched any movies on the list lately, and I haven't had anything worth blathering about (I mean, yes, there's this god-awful election cycle going on and now today there's a mass shooting, but frankly I've said everything I have to say on the subject the last forty-twelve fucking times it happened, so I think I'll save my breath this time).


The Game: Scavengers
The Publisher: Metal Weave Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I ran it yesterday in preparation to write a review.
Books Required: Just the one.

Scavengers is a beer-n-pretzels RPG in which there's a five-way galactic civil war going on. You play members of a faction that hasn't taken a side in the war; they're just there for the money. You go and loop derelict ships, sell the good shit you find, and blackmail survivors into paying you to send them home (or else you leave them on a moon with some oxygen and say "lots o' luck!").

The faction you belong to? The Randians. Who live on planet Ayn 1. And were founded by someone called Dominic Golt. Really, everything about this game is someone about as subtle as a bus poking you and yelling "GET IT?" but I know from experience that some folks need that lack of subtlety, and besides, I'm happy to see a beer-n-pretzels game that fully owns what it is.

Anyway, I'll get into my opinions in the review a bit more. For now, my first step is to choose a position on the ship. These are actually important; the different positions have various jobs. Well, thinking about Futurama, as I often do, I like the idea of playing someone like Hermes - a bureaucrat who has an established place in the fiction. I'll play the Efficiency Consultant.

My assignment is Advisor; whenever there's a crew failure (we hit a threat that we can't beat in one round), everyone gets an extra dice next try because I tell them what they did wrong. Sounds good. I also get my choice of one of three Talents, so I'll pick... Management Author. Whenever there's a crew failure, I get a personal acquisition (that is, when we all fuck up, I can write about it and make money off the tale).

Neat! I get to detail one contact and one rival. This doesn't have any real game effect, it's just to flesh out the universe and get a better sense of where my character fits in. OK, his contact is Beja, an insurance claims adjustor (she approves, or more commonly denies, insurance claims). She and my character like to swap stories of scavengers being idiots. For my rival, I'll pick Efficiency Consultant Brick. He's a former Security Op who lost a hand and switched to Consulting. He's just so cheerful, and he makes those stupid "hey, can I get a hand here?" jokes.

OK, I get 16 points to divvy up amongst Skills. Neither of my Talents require a particular Skill roll. I'll put three into Diplomacy, three into Relief, four into Insight, two into Space Operations, two into Technology, and two into Science. I am not a fighty character.

Appearance: Hmm. My character (let's name him Fritz) is in his late 30s, rather pot-bellied but trying to hide it with loose shirts, always carries a clipboard and a light pen, great big bushy mustache, thinning hair. He's proud of his mustache.

Finally, gear. Normally I skip this step, but how much money you have on you is actually relevant in this game, so I'll go ahead. I have 10 credits to start. I'll buy a plasma grenade (good for +3 in Combat, but I just have the one, so I've got one good Combat roll in me), and a Voice Pitch Modifier (I can reroll a 1 on a Diplomacy roll). I have 3 credits remaining, which is enough to start a run.