Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Post #1: Unwritten

So, last night we did character creation for Unwritten, and we were going to play it, but time got away from us and we decided we'd rather have a second date to play it rather than either play until 2AM or rush through a scene or two.

Unwritten, if you don't know, is an RPG based on the old Myst video games (you can get the PDF here, pay what you want). Now, I played the first one waaaaaay back in the day, liked it, and never really got into the others, but there's like a whole huge fandom around the games and the novels and the MMO. I really like Unwritten (I'm gonna be writing a review for, I just haven't decided if I'm going to write it before or after we play the session).

Anyway, we used one of the preexisting frameworks, but then went on to do much of the rest of the game creation-work. Everyone created an Age, which might or might not get visited when we play. Folks all added a detail about the setting, which wound up focusing on the underground city of D'ni.

Specifically, there's an unexplored section of the city where the weather is backwards. Rain pools on the ground and then falls up, and occasionally it gets cold enough to snow (also in reverse). Electrical devices don't work there, either. Also, D'ni has an organized crime ring, and they're very interested in the unexplored section...

Characters, then:

  • Sarah plays Eleni, daughter of a minor magistrate in the Guild of Maintainers. The mafia has him under their thumb, and she'd like to get him out. She's curious and has a knack for finding Books in weird places. 
  • Mike plays Nick Boydelatour, a veteran explorer. He was going to be an astronaut, but a minor heart murmur kept him out. He found his way to D'ni, and he's been exploring new worlds ever since. 
  • John plays Terra, who Linked into D'ni as a child, carrying a grapple gun, and having no idea what kind of Age she's from. She's been searching for her home Age ever since. She was adopted by the head of the local "mafia," which puts her at odds with her friend, Eleni; Terra refuses to believe what Eleni tells her about her dad.
  • Travis plays Principessa, a young orphan who acts as a gopher for the mafia. She's overconfident, daring, and skilled at reading art and making judgements about the people who made it.
  • Michelle plays Saron, a junior member of the Guild of Archivists. She's heavily book-smart, but has very little real-world experience. She's also the secret daughter of the mafia head (Terra's adopted father); she's been told her father died in an accident. 
So, next time, we'll actually get into this. Unwritten doesn't really do much with combat (there are, in fact, no combat skills), so all of this mafia stuff is going to be more an omnipresent threat/family issue than a source of physical conflict. I'm looking forward to it.