Saturday, May 21, 2016

Character Creation: Call of Catthulhu

I have a little time, and this process is hella quick.

The Game: Call of Catthulhu
The Publisher: Call of Catthulhu, I guess
Degree of Familiarity: None really, but it's dirt simple.
Books Required: Just the one, for chargen.

So, I'm writing a review of this game, which will probably be up in a week or so (you are reading my reviews, right?), and as part of that process, I (usually) make a character before I run the game. So here we go.

Call of Catthulhu combines two things that geeks go completely bonkers over: Lovecraft's Mythos and cats. The game is split into three books; you really only need Book I (The Nekonomicon) to play, but it's Book II (I'm not even going to try) that has setting info and advice on actually running the game. You're playing cats who, as in the olde RPG Cat, seem to be able to enter dreams and protect people from monsters, but Call of Catthulhu has both a more robust mythology and is less internally consistent and engaging.

Anyway, I haven't done a jumpy-flippy character in a while, and a cat seems pretty able to fill that niche. The first thing I do is choose a Role, basically my "class" as a cat. I'll choose Catcrobat. They're fast, dextrous, and lithe. Sounds good.

Next, I pick Lifestyle (Feral, House Cat, or Show Cat). I think I want my cat to be a House Cat, but I want him to have lived on a farm for a while and gotten good at hunting and climbing, meaning he's kind of going out of his skin here in an apartment. He's of Mixed breed, shorthaired, and is a gray tabby. He's got a streak of black down his back, and his tummy is bright white.

I enjoy the three-name construct that we get from Eliot, so: His human name is Altair (yes, his new own is a gamer). His cat name is Merthus, and his secret name he left behind in that barn.

And then I do Story and Experiences. Ok. Merthus was born in a little of barn cats, and spent his kittenhood catching bugs and then mice on a farm. And then the youngest son of the owner went to college in a city, and took Merthus with him; said son's new roommate was the one who named him (the farm kid never bothered naming cats; it's not like they come when you call anyway).

Merthus is going a little stir crazy, and he sneaks out sometimes to hunt and climb trees in the neighborhood. Sooner or later, he's going to go into that old shed on the apartment complex grounds, even though it's dark and it smells like DOOOOOM.

And I think that's it. No numbers in chargen, see, since cats can't do math.