Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Atomic Robo: Octogent vs. MechaSir

Saturday was Atomic Robo. I should do the write-up before I forget it all.

Last time, the characters realized that the Cetacean Empire was working against them, perhaps by wearing pants. They decided that they'd need to go under da sea in order to investigate, and go to work changing the Dinambulance to be submersible. Since Atomic Robo goes to the trouble of including a cool system for invention, we used it!

They worked on the Dinambulance and made it submersible, and added a harpoon with a cable, grabby arms to the front, and added a function to jam echolocation (damn dolphins). Of course, that took some work, and four catches. It called attention from H.P. Cavy, who read Effy the riot act about the team not informing him about the security breach and their current project; she wound up filling out a lot of paperwork. They also realized they needed a way to make the windshield stronger so it wouldn't fold under the pressure, and they'd need someone to test drive it who was not only aquatic (so if it leaked the driver wouldn't die) but an exceptional driver.

As Reggie started to tell them about someone he'd met who could act as a test driver, Otto interrupted him with a snarky comment about his long-winded stories. For a Gentleman Octopugilist, it was too much. Reggie and Otto squared off, Otto opening with insulting repartee and Reggie following up by grappling him and yanking him into the moon pool (in the...motor pool). Otto considered using his lightning gun, but as he's Like a Sir, that just didn't seem sporting. Both combatants blew through all of their Fate points fighting each other to standstill, and Reggie pulled on Otto's head enough to give him a consequence (Crick in the Circuitry). Finally, Reggie conceded (because it became obvious that Otto's player wasn't going to, even though he wasn't really getting anyway, and no one wants to be taken out because that just ladles on the suck) - he won the fight, but H. P. Cavy caught them fighting and Reggie wound filling out forms and putting Otto back together again.

Meanwhile the two dinosaurs and Effy let the boys dick around and talked about their materials problem. They did some science and developed a system of hexagonal interlocking pieces, much like compound eyes, and that solved their windshield problem.

But the team still needed a test pilot, and now that his honor had been satisfied, Reggie told them about Christopher Sponge, the best test pilot he'd ever met. The characters donned SCUBA gear to go meet with him (except Otto, who is a robot, and Reggie, 'cause y'know) and went to a sunken ship...but there were dolphins there, already meeting with Christopher.

Marsha crept up to the window, with Reggie wrapped around her like a cloak (he can camouflage, you see) and listened - the dolphins were trying to coax Christopher out of retirement to drive something up on land, whereupon the remotes would kick in. Jesse, however, slipped off the rocky outcropping she was standing on (couldn't catch herself; Short Arms, Long Reach) and fell. She didn't bruised anything but her pride...but the dolphins heard. The leader called for an attack, and a pod of dolphins zipped in, battering Jesse (but doing little damage).

Marsha, unseen burst out of her cephalopod "cloak" and tore one of the pods of dolphins apart. Effy activated her DPS stunt, making Jesse and Otto more effectively combatants, and Otto fired his lightning gun at the dolphin leader. Reggie's player compelled the leader's Dolphin Leader Aspect and pushed him to retreat; after all, they were losing.

As the dolphins left, though, they smashed the sunken ship, burying Christopher. Jesse, with her mighty tail, swept the rubble out of the way, and Reggie zipped in to talk with Christopher.

(The running joke here being that everyone talks to Christopher as though he responds, but...he's a sponge, he doesn't move.)

Reggie argued with Christopher about their shared history, and Effy figured out that, due to an incident in the Indian Ocean, Christopher was now addicted to tiki marsala. Promising to provide that for him, the team got Christopher to agree to pilot their sub on its test voyage, and headed back to base.

The test went off (wait for it) swimmingly (again, the "camera" never focuses on the interior so we don't see Christopher actually piloting). Now, the team hypothesized about what the dolphins were actually doing. SCIENCE.

Using the Deduction system, they figured that the device that they were bringing up was big, mostly remote controlled, and was there to capture Boris (remember him?) and bring him back into the ocean for terrible porpoises. They also realized that the dolphins must have an inside man...and they remembered a tech working on the tranquilizers that kept Boris down, name of Franklyn, who had perhaps too much a fondness for the Dauphin's sister.

They raced to the lab, and found the door jammed! Reggie slid under the door, no problem, and popped it open. The lab was destroyed, full of gas, and the team saw Dr. Davy's hamster-ball (I mean, he's a Guinea pig, but you get the idea) full of gas and their boss unconscious. Franklyn was sending a message to his Cosette, and managed to get the message away before Reggie pinned him to the wall.

Now the characters know what's coming...but do the dolphins know what they know? TUNE IN NEXT TIME as the team goes INTO THE CETACEAN EMPIRE!