Saturday, February 13, 2016

Atomic Robo 1st Session - Meet Boris

Which actually happened a week ago, but this week has been nucking futz, you guys.

Well, first thing to note, we added a player. +Matthew Homentoasty is playing Otto von Faust, a robot assigned to make sure everyone stays in their budget and that Tesladyne's interests are represented (his concept aspect is Company Robot).

So! I went around the table and asked everybody for a threat, something that's been dangerous on the island of late. We got monsoons, a volcano, time rifts that sometimes disgorge dangerous beasts, and, of course, the Dauphin off the coast. Also occasional earthquakes.

With that in mind, the characters got a distress call from an outpost close to the interior of the island. They rushed out there in the Dinambulance (well, Otto flew with his jetpack), and found that a big portion of the front of the building had been smashed in. Most of the staff had made it to the panic room, but the circuits had fried and they couldn't get out. The characters worked on that, and then we tried out these Brainstorming rules.

I like these very much - you present the group with a situation, and they all make rolls to see who gets to establish a fact about the situation. With some Notice and Biology rolls, they realized it was a Really Big Dinosaur that Fell Through a Time Rift, and went about tracking it.

Oh, they found it.
The creature was a gigantic carnivore. They found it munching on some unfortunate local fauna. Reggie jumped on it and got it into a headlock, using his sick moves as the South Seas Southpaw. Otto blasted it with his lightning gun, and the Marsha jumped on Otto's shoulders to make use of the lightning gun more effectively. Effy used her patented Bio-Flage to conceal everyone, and a pheromone bomb to confuse the poor monster.

Soon enough, they had downed it. Effy, though, given her whole Bring 'em Back Alive philosophy, was of the opinion that the creature could live on the island. They'd just tag it and make sure it didn't get too close to the facilities. They decided to name it "Boris."

Epilogue: A shadowy cetacean figure looks into a viewscreen. "Perfect," he says in a Parisian accent. "They have given it a name."