Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Game: Feng Shui!

Last Monday, we assembled to start up a new this sounding familiar? I had a couple (three, actually) games end within a week of each other, so we've been doing a lot of chargen.

Anyway, last week the group that had been playing Beast met up, and we did our "let's all name a piece of media and pick a game based on that" thing.

  • Fredrick chose Edge of Midnight, which is a kickass noir RPG that I've run pretty extensively (he actually played in that game briefly). He likes the supernatural/horror aspect. 
  • Amanda chose Agents of SHIELD, because she likes the spy vs. spy aspects. 
  • Karafa chose Wild Wild West - the series, not the movie - for the steampunk/western mashup. 
  • Toasty chose Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the different superheroes coming together ("mashup" was a big thing with this group). 
  • Michelle chose The Man with the Iron Fists for the mashup (see?) of cultures - East and West, China and England, hip hop and wuxia, etc. 
  • I chose Predator 2 mostly for this scene. I like the idea of spirituality trying to interpret something horrific but ultimately technological, and failing utterly, but I also do think that King Willie's dying words ("His foundation lies on the holy mountain. Selah.") are pretty badass. 
So with all that, where do we go? With so much talk of "mashup," I pulled out a few potential RPGs. 

  • Rotted Capes is this nifty RPG from Paradigm Concepts; it's basically Marvel Zombies the RPG. We decided against it because the players weren't up for so dense a system (I've played it and I like it, but it's not simple). 
  • Whispering Vault was discussed, but ultimately failed to interest the players too much. 
  • Deadlands Noir was a runner-up, but ultimately it lost out to...
Feng Shui 2nd Edition

So, I've played this game, but I haven't ever run it, and having played it I was surprised that the book is as huge as it is. I mean, the game is pretty simple, or it seemed to be, but the book is huge. But in any case, chargen is dirt simple - you pick an archetype and give it a name, some customization and story hook. There's nothing mechanical involved in chargen, so most of the time for chargen was spent choosing archetypes. Here's what we wound up with: 

  • Leon Cameron Abroise (played by Fredrick), a Sorcerer. He wants to right the wrongs caused by magic, but he was trained by the Eaters of the Lotus (meaning that's probably a fake name he's using), who perpetrate a lot of those wrongs. 
  • Toasty's Nameless Yutz Wu Tang (played by Toasty, real name pending), the Gene Freak. He was a kind of freelance vigilante/cop in the Future Juncture, tooling around with his cyborg partner...until said partner was killed. Now he's out for revenge. EDIT: Put in his name.
  • Bai Lin (played by Amanda), the Exorcist Monk. He's an orphan and a sworn enemy of the evil spirits, and wants to cleanse them from the world. They possessed his sister and forced her to kill herself. 
  • Chong Do (played by Karafa), the Sword Master. He has no memory of his past, and he is seeking out who he truly is. 
  • Celeste Park (played by Michelle), the Two-Fisted Archaeologist. She's a roving academic adventurer seeking the rogues who kidnapped her sister. 
And those are our characters. Now I've just over a week to read this book and figure out how to run this game. :)