Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Changeling: Eek! A Million Rats!

I actually ran this game two freaking weeks ago, but then a wild Midwinter appear (photos incoming!) and, well, anyway, here we go.

The motley is hanging around their freehold, deciding what to do on this frigid winter's eve, when Thaia gets a phone call from her friend Branziah. He's been cast in a new play called Lost and Won, currently going into rehearsal at a little theater nearby, and he's killing time before they get started. As they're chatting, Branziah suddenly cries out in pain, and then the line goes dead.

Thaia immediately tells her motley that something is wrong, and they head out to the theater. But they can't get in - the doors are not only locked, but magically sealed against ingress. Krysa pops into an alley and changes to rat-form, and finds a rat-sized ingress. She creeps into the basement, while the other folks go looking for another option. They find the emergency exit - it's technically not an entrance, so they figure it's worth a shot. Zulkis and Ambrose pull it open, and the changelings enter.

Downstairs, Krysa hear something moving in the dark. She returns to human form and tries to talk to it, but it apparently isn't interested in pleasantries - it hits her with a powerful, bitingly cold wind. She holds her ground, though.

Backstage, the other characters smell burning in the air, and realize that the light switch has been rigged to shock anyone that touches it. They go out to the lobby and find Branziah (hand bleeding profusely) and the other cast and crew; someone has set traps all around this place. The changelings lead the hapless victims to the back door and get them out, and then head down the stairs to the basement (noting that the railing has been sharpened - that would be how Branziah cut himself).

They enter the basement, quietly, and find a strange, rat-like changeling hiding. But it's not Krysa; this one has monstrous features. A couple of the characters recognize it as a Beastie, the twisted, nightmarish equivalent of a pooka. They startle it (her), and Kyrsa Unleashes Sovereign. The rats pour out of walls, surrounding her, proclaiming her the Rat Queen and exposing Rista the Rat-Thing.

Face with a whole motley of folks, and one of those a sidhe and another an armed knight, Rista opts to surrounding. Zulkis makes her swear to stay out of this theater and leave the people alone, and uses Contract to bind it. Rista, having sworn, cheeses it.

The characters head back to the motley, save for Krysa, who stops by a political rally to soak up some Glamour. While there, she sees rats - they're following her, doing her bidding. Apparently that Unleashing isn't dying out easily.

At the freehold, Thaia ruminates on the Thallain (using Remembrance). She realizes that the Thallain normally wriggle out the Dreaming during times of torture, misery, and pain. The appearance of a Thallain means something terrible has happened - or is about to.

More next week.