Monday, January 4, 2016

Atomic Robo: Island Paradise, or, An Octopus, Two Dinosaurs, and Effy

Saturday the smoking wreckage of the group that was playing Monsterhearts gathered, with a couple of new faces, to play a new game. We didn't have any real idea what to play, so taking a cue from +Jason Pitre's Spark RPG, we all went around and named a piece of media we liked, and then tried to find an RPG on my shelves that hit as many of those notes as possible. Here's our media list:

  • Hamilton: Sarah likes hip hop, and the notion of the "language of revolution."
  • Dr. Who: Megan likes time travel plots, but also the emotional content. 
  • Eclipse Phase: Travis likes the wacky transhumanism. 
  • Mad Max: Fury Road: Michelle likes the world-building and the established sense of history. 
  • eVolve: I like the exploratory sci-fi, but also the "you fight as a team or you die" aspect. 
So with that in mind, I looked through my shelves and looked for some possibilities. We discussed Psi-Punk (Fudge-based cyberpunk), TimeZero (Savage Worlds-based time-cops), Misspent Youth (about which I've written quite a bit), but settled on Atomic Robo

Now, I hadn't read the RPG or the comic, but I knew a little about it from Michelle's fangirling and it looks very readable (and it's a month until we play next). So here's what we've got so far.

The players wanted to work for TeslaDyne, but not the main office, as it were. They're on an outpost on a jungle island waaaaay in the middle of nowhere. We haven't detailed the office's resources much yet (I suspect we'll do it in play), but the boss is General H. P. Cavy, an Action Scientist who transplanted his consciousness into the body of a guinea pig and who jumps into a huge suit of power armor when shit gets real. 

Weep weep weep.
The PCs, then: 

  • Jesse, the Dilophomedic. She's a dilophosaurus who can spit poison or medicine! She drives the Dinambulance, a modified jeep full of medical supplies. She washed up on an Arctic Beach and has been modified since.
  • Crocodylomorph Marsha: She's a velociraptor, but like, a real one, with feathers n' shit. She's only chicken sized, but she's a badass chicken with foot razors and near-perfect jungle camouflage. 
  • Iphegenia "Effy" Tsoukolos, the Combat Biologist. As the support, she can apply poison to other folks' claws, spray them with Bio-Flage to make them stealthy, or science the hell out of them. 
  • Reginald "South Seas Southpaw" Armstrong, the Gentleman Octopus. Reginald is, in addition to a dapper eight-armed gentlemen, a master of bartitsu, which he learned from absorbing the brain of Sherlock Holmes. The Dauphin people of the seas are his nemeses. (Nemeseas?)
That's what we've got so far. Tune in next month!