Sunday, November 15, 2015

Character Creation: OmegaZone

Yay, post-apocalyptic RPG! You know I like those.

The Game: OmegaZone
The Publisher: Brooklyn Indie Games
Degree of Familiarity: None yet; I'm running it in a couple of weeks. It's Fate Accelerated, though, which I'm quite familiar with.
Books Required: Just the one. There's also a setting deck, which isn't required but it's very helpful.

So, first thing's first: I promised +Filamena Young that the next character I made would use this as a theme song (beware, nudity):

Sounds good to me.

So, OmegaZone focuses on a post-alien-invaded Los Angeles. Unlike a lot of post-apocalyptic settings, it doesn't do a tedious world tour or exhaustive history. We're focused on one particular city, and then it gives us some details on the heavy hitters and the troubles going on in this weird new world.

Given the song, I want to create a character who's a badass debt collector. I'm thinking he could work for Apeman Tony or someone, but I'll do the chargen thing before I make a lot of decisions.

Like other Fate Accelerated games, OmegaZone uses approaches rather than skills, which I greatly enjoy. Unlike other FAE games, character creation is as simple as drawing a few cards, which provides aspects and stunts. I'm meant to draw two character definitions and one mutation, so let's see what I get.

I draw Mundane, Unique Animal Hybrid, and (for my mutation) Radioactive Vampirism. OK, then. The interesting thing here is merging Mundane and Animal Hybrid. Hmm. I'd almost get a "Boy and His Dog" vibe off this, but I'm not sure I want to effectively have two characters.

Actually, I have an idea. We'll say that my character's mutations are invisible. He is an animal-hybrid, but it's all internal; you'd have to dissect him (or at least do a blood test) to detect that he's anything other than human. He's actually more leech than man; he doesn't eat solid food, but can feed on the flesh and blood of irradiated creatures (or eat normal food that's been irradiated, I guess, but that's boring).

Now, the cards are treated as Aspects, but does that mean I have "Mundane" as an Aspect? 'Cause that's a shitty Aspect. I think we'll call it "Stealth Mutant" instead. "Unique Animal Hybrid", too, is kinda dull as Aspects go, so I'll call it "More Worm Than Man." Finally, "Radioactive Vampirism" actually is kind of cool, so I'll keep that. I note down my three stunts, too (one from each card).

Now I do a High Concept and a Trouble Aspect. Hmm. My worm-man doesn't feel like an Apeman Tony guy, actually. I think he works for Jacobite Jones or Baron Junkpile. Let's go with the Baron. When someone tries to cheat Junkpile, trading him crap or otherwise taking advantage, sometimes the Baron calls in Hunny Bother. Hunny looks like a pretty normal guy, which makes him stand out a bit in this world of gelatinous people and uplifted cats. His preferred tactics involve getting ahead of his quarry and waiting, and if people can't pay, he's not above irradiating them and eating their organs. I think since "Bitch Better Have My Money" is too on the nose for a High Concept, I'll make it Patient Shylock.

And now Trouble. Hmm. Hunny is hungry (actually, hell, that's probably how his name started and then it was mispronounced by some drunk or terrified welcher). Sometimes he's been known to pocket money that should go to a higher-up just so he can eat someone/something. He doesn't do it much, but... Hunger Gets the Better of Me.

Filling in the approaches isn't specifically called out as part of character creation (though it should be, and there's no example, garrarargh). I wind up with +0 in Careful, +4 in Clever, +0 in Flashy, +2 in Forceful, +2 in Quick, and +1 in Sneaky. That's interesting; I think most of the time in FAE, you don't get approaches over Good. That also means when I can use my Mundane stunt, I'm starting at Fantastic, which is pretty baller.

Right, I think all I need now is to collect three Fate points and name myself, but I did that last bit. I could spend refresh to buy additional stunts or gear, but eh. Having a stunt for creating an advantage when I track them for at least a day might be cool, though. Yeah, I'll do that.

And that's me done!