Thursday, November 26, 2015


I ran this game on Monday, and then a wild Thanksgiving appeared, so here we are.

Last time, the characters had set up a meet with a pack of werewolves to learn a bit about the monster in the lake. This time, that meeting happened.

The characters met up near Edgewater Park, and were shortly approached by a man calling himself Chuck (Miriana recognized him as a werewolf). He chatted with them briefly, and then whistled, and a wolf walked out from the woods and changed up into man; he called himself Neal.

Neal told them, in brief, about how spirit ecology worked, and what they were up against. Specifically, "if the legends are true," he said, there was a very powerful creature called Gagh-Azur (or "the Mouth of the Deeps") that mostly lived in the ocean but made its way around to the Great Lakes every few years. It created creatures like the fish-monster and the giant squid out of raw materials (Neal called them "Mawspawn") and while he wasn't sure of its specific abilities, he did know that a similar creature out in Denver had required multiple packs of werewolves to kill.

The brood, sobered by this thought, chatted with the werewolves a bit more. Neal gave them a little info about the werewolf situation; basically, there was a pack in East Cleveland that didn't get along with other werewolves (they were old money, 1%er types), but the city proper and the spirit-scape was really the Bridge Pack's area. Maia flirted with Neal and eventually he asked her if she was doing anything tonight, and they left together (and she picked up the Family Ties Condition for him). The others headed back to Parma.

Neal and Maia wound up making out in Lakeview Cemetery, when suddenly Neal perked up and sniffed. He smelled something like death, he said, and wasn't sure what. And then the Beasts realized that the Apex in the area had changed, and instead of Wailing, their Lairs were Flooded (not a huge problem for Maia, but not a welcome change for the others). Had Gagh-Azur ventured on land? Was it now the Apex?

And just then, the security company called Tyler and told him his alarm was going off at his store. Neal apologized to Maia, but said he had to go find his pack, and she said that was fine; she was going to find her folks. The brood went to get Maia, then head for the store. Something was up.

Next time, we find out what.