Thursday, August 13, 2015

Board Games: Fluxx & Zombie Fluxx

I'd completely forgotten that we played Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx a while back, and since they're pretty similar, I'm gonna combine the write up.

Let's get Fluxxin!

The Game: Fluxx & Zombie Fluxx
The Publisher: Looney Labs
Time: Varies wildly
Players: Me, Al, Will, +Cheyenne+Dirty Heart+Matthew+Matthew

Game Play: Fluxx is a card game that starts out with a very simple rule: Draw one card, play one card. At the outset, it doesn't have an object. One of the four types of cards you can play, though, is a goal, which generally consists of two keepers. Keepers are just objects; you put them in front of you. If your keeps match up to the existing goal (Sleep & Dreams, for instance), you win!

The other two card types are Actions (take another turn, draw a number of cards equal to everyone in the game and distribute them) and, the real kicker, Rules. Rules, as the name implies, put new rules into the game. So you might wind up with Draw 4, Play All, meaning you draw four cards at the start of your turn, and then play them all, unless a card you play would restrict the number of cards you play.

Several rules, two goals, which can happen.
Opinions: I like Fluxx just fine, but I know people that can't stand it because you can't strategize at all. You can play a winning hand on your turn, but since the rules and the object of the game can turn so quickly, you really can't think ahead, especially in a bigger game like this. You just kind of have to go with the flow and win as you can, which is a very hippie attitude, which makes perfect sense, given who made it.

Keep? Yep.

Zombie Flux

Sarah is salty at zombies. 
The Game: Zombie Fluxx
The Publisher: Looney Labs
Time: Again, it really depends
Players: Same as above; I think Will might have sodded off

Game Play: So this works similarly to Fluxx, except that we add a new wrinkle: Creepers. 

Shoot it, man. Shoot it in the head. 
Creepers act like keepers, except you can't get rid of them easily and a lot of the goal cards say you can't win if you have a creeper on the board. Some of them require that you have a lot of creepers, so really it's a lot like Fluxx - you'll be playing and then suddenly discover you've won (or you play a card that makes someone else win because it's been 45 minutes and you'd rather play something else. 

Chey has a lot of zombies. 
Opinions: I dunno, it's cute. It adds a wrinkle, so if you've played Fluxx and you're starting to sober up, it's a good way to add some variety. 

Keep? Sure.