Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monsterhearts: Season Four

So, right off, we had to do a little retconning; we pretty much forgot that last season was senior year, but we never really addressed that at all, so we did the simplest retcon we could, and said that it was actually junior year (meaning season one was freshman, not sophomore).

With that in mind, some changes since last season.

Erika is dead, of course. Genesis went home to the ocean. Ash returned to the land of the dead. So, starting senior year, we get this lineup:

  • Briar remains the Chosen. She and Austin spent some time in Europe this summer.
  • Rook is back from his sojourn being dead, and is celebrating life like whoa; he's now the Nymph (with thanks to +Jeremy Kostiew). 
  • Cassi is overjoyed to have Rook back, and has attached herself to him as the Mortal. 
  • Skylar is still the Ghost. Still dead.
  • Miguel, whom we've seen a bit before, joins us as a PC - the Unseen. Turns out that the Unseen's sex move allows his lover to see him, and Miguel's lover for a while was Dora. But now that Dora is gone (off at college somewhere), Miguel is just...easy to miss. 
  • Romy Barnett is a transfer student. He previous high school kicked her out when she flipped out and broke a desk. She's the Shadow, and the little voice in her head is Mikaela, her twin who died at birth. 
We start off in Mrs. Law's home room class. Cassi and Rook are sickeningly sweet, Romy is confused by the inside jokes and references, and Austin and Briar are sweet but kind of low-key. Miguel sits on the radiator, since he only gets a chair when someone's absent. 

Mrs. Law is also the drama teacher, and the students talk about what play the drama club is going to put on this year. They talk about classes, and Romy gets drawn into the group. Miguel uses his she's not there move to be noticed, and joins the conversation briefly.

Austin says that they should give Romy a "Perdido 101." He tells her about Pi. Briar tells her never to go to the basement. Her Shadow, of course, immediately urges her to do exactly that. The others offer their little tidbits, mostly useful stuff about the school mixed with supernatural weirdness. 

The students go about their day. Rook, Cassi, and Romy are in an Ecology class that does field trips most of the time, so they're looking forward to that. Mr. Glick, in Drawing and Drafting (which they're all in except Briar), asks after Genesis, and Skylar sheds a tear as he says she's "gone home." 

They wind up back in Mrs. Law's class for drama, and she tells them they should be doing a musical, but they don't have the money. Rook suggests raising funds, and Cassi calls her mom and manipulates an NPC to get her to pay the rights fees. Her mom agrees, provided Cassi check in with her at night - she worries about Cassi doing too much. The students look over the list of shows that the board has already approved, and they decide on Into the Woods.

After drama, it's lunchtime. Cassi and Rook slip off to a closet near the drama room to have sex. Rook uses horny reward, giving Cassi a String on him, but then since Cassi is the Mortal, it triggers his Darkest Self...which means he wants nothing but more sex, and Cassi acquiesces (this relationship is going to doom everyone). They hear footsteps outside the room, and Rook tells Cassi to go invite whomever it is; she declines, but kisses him and distracts him. 

Miguel, meanwhile, goes into the teacher's lounge and listens to Mr. Squires (history teacher brought in from the local community college) and Mrs. Law talking about students. Mrs. Law mentions that Cassi probably wants to play Cinderella, but she has someone else in mind for that (provided her choice can sing). Miguel takes a String on Mrs. Law. 

Meanwhile, Skylar, Briar, Austin, and Romy go to lunch at Pi. They talk some more about their town and the weirdness therein. Romy finds these people friendly, but odd. Skylar and Briar get up to use the bathroom, and Romy follows, listening in. She hears them talking about her, and about someone who died. Mikaela suggests that they must have killed someone - maybe this "Genesis" person they've mentioned - and put her in the basement. She also suggests Romy his on Austin, but Romy feels it's too early for that kind of thing. 

They notice her in the bathroom and leave, but Skylar slips back in and hears her talking to Mikaela (but of course, can't hear the Shadow). He zips out and talks with the others, saying that Romy was talking to someone in there, but used plural first person pronouns ("we"). Austin points out this isn't the weirdest thing they've ever seen. When Romy gets back, Austin suggests they should all go catch a movie that night, Romy's choice. She decides on Book of Life

The students regroup, and Cassi and Rook make out in the hall in full view of everyone, resolving Rook's Darkest Self. They have study hall last period, and ask to go outside. Mrs. Law agrees, and they sit under a tree and chat. Miguel tries to use she's not there again, but fails, and becomes his Darkest Self. He sets one of the branches on fire, and though it is quickly extinguished, Mrs. Law gives him a detention. 

The school day ends, and the students head home before the movie. It's senior year, they're happy, Cassi is back to being her bubbly self, Rook is alive, and all is well. 

Don't listen to the whispers. 

End credits: "Everybody Talks," Neon Trees.