Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beast: The Primordial Actual Play (Well, Setup)

Last week, my players and I sat down and...well, not made Beast characters, because they were already made, but did a bit of world-building before the chronicle actually starts. So here's what we came up with.

The game is set in Cleveland, mostly because a) we're from here and we know the city and b) I've run games set there and the supernatural scene has some definition, but isn't so locked up that there's nothing to add.

So, with that in mind, here are the PCs:

  • +Michelle Lyons-McFarland's character is Maia Wallis (Makara Ravager). Maia prefers to feed by getting into relationships with men and then slowing wrecking their lives. They're free to walk at any point, of course (she doesn't stalk them if they break up with her). She teaches the lesson that some relationships are toxic and it's better to end them. She rents a room above a junk store in Parma, but stays with John Dawson in his house (there's a lake nearby). She came from Hawai'i in 2000, but was Devoured (without help) in 1998, and taken under the wing of a local Beast (who's still living on Big Island). She has a Ventrue friend (Mikhail Rozen); they went on a couple of dates and realized they weren't really compatible, but they still hang out sometime. Lair: Currents, Flooding. 
  • +Matthew Homentoasty's character is Tyler Townsend (Eshmaki Nemesis). Tyler bought a house in Parma, near John's - a big ostentatious Tudor. He relocated from Chicago in 2003 following some Hero problems. He was Devoured in 2001; a Namtaru was trying to feed on him, but wound up awakening the Beast, as it were. As a Nemesis, he tries to teach thieves that their lives aren't worth whatever they're trying to steal (he runs an antique shop). He once contribute Dragonfire to an Obrimos mage who needed it for an enchanted item he was making. Lair: Brightly Lit, Sealed Exits. 
  • +Amanda Slanker plays Miriana Kyle (Eshmaki Predator). Mirana lives in a simple ranch house, also same neighborhood, with access to the woods. It also has a walk-in freezer complete with meathooks. Miriana is a native Clevelander, and experienced the Devouring recently, just after her mother passed. As a Predator, she seeks to remind people that their status on the food chain isn't a given - even people can be prey. She works at the Cleveland Zoo, with the wolves, and knows a pack of werewolves in the area (haven't decided what tribe yet). Lair: Poorly lit, Heavy. 
  • +Matthew Karafa plays John Dawson (Ugallu (Predator). He owns a house in the neighborhood, where he takes people (children, often), whose families are lying to one another and otherwise toxic. He lets them freak out, then returns the kid a few days later, unharmed. John is a friend Stan, the Autumn King of the Cleveland freehold. He was Devoured early (1995), by a Eshmaki Predator who killed his parents and attempted to kill him; he fought back and killed her. He bonded with Tyler over their similar origins. Lair: Darkness, Inaccessible. 
The local Apex used to be Ai'tahe, the Pride-Demon, but as that fucker was banished back here, so I let (asked, really) the players to come up with the Apex. They decided on a Sin-Eater, a fellow who was almost killed in the demonic rampage that happened in Tower City Square (back here). He became a Sin-Eater (Forgotten/Bonepicker) and is rich as hell, and wants tribute from the dead and the living. He lives downtown in an expensive apartment. Name's Gideon Rockefeller, and his influence makes the Hive Trait "Wailing." 

So, that's what we've got so far. I'll do a bit of GM planning later on this week.