Sunday, May 31, 2015

Character Creation: Spark

I'm running this game tomorrow, so it seems an opportune time to make a character.

The Game: Spark
The Publisher: Genesis of Legend
Degree of Familiarity: Not much. We made a setting and characters a couple of weeks ago.
Books Required: Just the one.

Spark has been on my list to try since it came out. It's a create-your-own setting game, and now that I've read through the rules (which took like 20 minutes, seriously you guys), I'm inclined to compare it favorably to Misspent Youth, which, if you know me, you know that's a game I'll fanboy about.

Anyway, Spark is +Jason Pitre's game, and there's a Fate conversation out for it now, which is free. I want to try the original version, though.

So, for making a character, I'm faced with the same problem I always am with games like this (i.e., games were "making a setting with your group" is part of the game) - it's just me. There are several premade settings in the book, of course, but y'know, I like the Hellfire Empire setting we came up with, so I think I'm gonna make my own character. Consider this a "what if +Dirty Heart or +Michelle Lyons-McFarland or +Matthew Homentoasty was running this game?" kind of scenario.

OK, so the first thing I do is find an initial concept. Looking over the setting (which I linked above),

I think I want to really embrace the "superhero" part of Steampunk Superhero. My character is Franz Twain, an engineer in charge of the hellfire streetlights. But by night, he fights back the demonic hordes wearing a resplendent blue cloak, white gloves, a white and white mask, and steam-powered augmentation allowing him to leap high into the air and delivering powerful kicks and punches. The citizens of the City have taken to call him the Benedictine (after St. Benedict, Patron Saint of Exorcism).

Good start. I list "vigilante exorcist" on my sheet as concept. Now I do Beliefs. These need to be declarative statements that I'm interested in challenging in play. No problem.

Demons are evil by nature. Boom. He believes it. He hasn't even considered that it's maybe a little racist, given what demons are in this setting.

God tests us with adversity. Franz believes that the demons, the blacking out of the sun, the attempts to get Queen Mona to marry, all of this is just God giving us standards to live up to.

Mona is the rightful queen, appointed by God. Big believer in Divine Right, which would put me at odds with Michelle's character.

Now, Attributes. Obviously this guy needs a decent Body, so I'll pump three points there and give myself a d10. I'll put 2 into Heart (I see Franz as being quite passionate) for a d8, and put the other two into Mind and Spark, giving me a d6 in each. That'll work.

And now Talents. Talents work on depth; you have Broad, Common, and Deep. The deeper you go, the bigger the bonus, but the more focused the situation. I start with what I'm best at - how about "beating up demons?" So I'll take Melee as a Broad Talent, Fisticuffs as a Common, and Steam-Powered Kickboxing as a Deep.

Now I get four more Talents, of any depth. I'll take Religion as a Broad. I'll take Hellfire Engineering as a Deep. And I guess I'll take Steamtech Engineering as a Common (it's more broadly applicable). I get one more, probably Common. Hmm. How about Exorcism?

Finally, there's the step we didn't do (yet) in my other group: relationship questions and Faction questions. I'll just answer a couple of them.

I'm gonna pick "how would you suffer if another PC came to harm?" and make it about Toasty's science rebel (as yet nameless). I'll say he helped design my armor and augmentations, and I can't repair or upgrade it without him.

And then for Factions, I'll be cheap and answer "why do you hate a Faction?" Well, I hate the Queen's Demons because they're fucking demons.

And that's me done, actually.