Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Character Creation: World of Dew

I'm averaging about one character a month. I'd love to up that to every two weeks, but I've been busy. I'm not going to continue italicizing the last word in every sentence, I promise.

The Game: World of Dew
The Publisher: Woerner's Wunderwerks
Degree of Familiarity: None, really. I'm going to run this game sometime soon, but life, etc.
Books Required: Just the one, although there is now a Companion book, which I don't own.

World of Dew is billed as "samurai noir detective stories," and it's called a sequel to +John Wick's Blood & Honor, which I also don't own. +Benjamin Woerner wrote World of Dew to tell the stories of this era of Japan without focusing so much on the samurai, and that sounds really cool, but the minute the word "samurai" gets mentioned I'm a little out of my depth.

I'm finding, as I'm reading World of Dew, though, that it's very accessible and doesn't waste words, which is really nice. There's also a city creation mechanic, which I'm very fond of (you can see such mechanics in many Fate games, including Dresden Files, and something similar in my upcoming Chill 3rd Edition). I'm not going to make a city by myself, however, just a character.

So! I hunt myself up a character sheet and get to work.

Step 0: Concept. As in most games, I need to start with some idea of what I'd like to play. I've done a noir game or two (this is one of my favorites), and played some detectives. Again, I'm less familiar with the setting, here (my brain keeps going to wuxia, which is not the same thing). Hmm.

Well, skipping ahead to the Giri, I'm tempted by both Yakuza and Doctor. The idea of playing a kind of "mob doctor" is interesting. Also I like tattoos. I guess it cooks down to whether I want to do jobs for an oyabun or if I want to heal people in play.

I don't play healers very often, so I think I'll say that my character is a doctor whose brother is an important Yakuza. He always wanted to join the organization, protect his neighborhood, but his brother felt that his incisive mind would be better used by learning medicine. So my concept is "Neighborhood Doctor."

Step One is Giri, which is Duty. Mine's easy: Doctor. My ability is that I can heal folks, my benefit is that whatever my actual social rank, other folks can't use their rank against me in a wager because I'm a doctor. I also get a Glory reputation, so I take "Yakuza Doctor" (basically my doc is proud of his family and isn't always shy about letting people know that).

Step Two is Social Rank, Honor, and Ninjo. I can pick whatever Social Rank I want, but if my brother is a Yakuza, I might have the same status...oh, wait, they're Hinin, which is a little different. I guess we'll go Peasant? That gives me 1 Honor and 2 Ninjo.

Step Three is Name and Virtue Bonus. Well, since I'm not a samurai or a gaijin, I don't get a family name, so I take a quick look at some name sites, and find "Saburo", which apparently is a name traditionally given to the third son. I kinda like that, his name being defined by his birth order and place in the family. We know his eldest brother is Yakuza, so let's say his middle brother died in service to the Yakuza, which led his big brother to push him to other things.

For my Virtue Bonus, I'll take Courage. Wisdom would make more sense, but, y'know.

Step Four: Choose Virtue. Much like in Houses of the Blooded, I get to prioritize these, but one of them is my weakness, so I don't get a rank there. So, let's see.

I think I want Wisdom as my Rank 4; my brother was right about me. I get two at Rank 3, so I'll put one as Courage (making it Rank 4, because that's my bonus) and one as Prowess (grew up with the Yakuza, can kick ass when necessary). For my two at 2, I'll take Beauty and Strength; just OK at both. And I'll take Cunning as my Weakness; seeing the big picture was never Saburo's strong point.

Step Five is age. I'm in the Spring phase, and I roll a 6, whatever that means.

Step Six is Aspects. Unlike Fate, where you're encouraged to make up Aspects, here we have a list, but we can make them up if we'd like. I'll look through the existing ones and see if I like 'em. Aspects come with an invoke (I can use it in this circumstance) and a compel (it can be used to make me do things). I should take that represents my Giri, one that represents my past, and one that represents what I want to be.

Well, I like Dumplings Rather Than Flowers; I'm only interested in useful stuff. I think that's my past one (since I went to learn medicine rather than getting all tatt'd up and pretty).

I also like Luck Exists, which has me very pragmatic and utilitarian; I solve problems, regardless of where that takes me.

Finally, what do I want to be...hmm. How about Entering the Tiger's Cave? I want to be brave, like big brother.

Step Seven is Advantage. I pick Ally: My brother, Kenta. I can declare Three True Things about him, so let's do that. 1) He's a martial arts master. 2) Wants revenge on our brother's killer. 3) Has plans for me.

I could take a Flawed Virtue, but honestly none of them appeal under Courage, and I think I'm OK with just the one Advantage.

Step Eight is Relationships, but I don't do that because it's just me.

So I think that's me done. Neat!