Monday, November 24, 2014

Monsterhearts: Season Three

Woof. After the tragedy that was the finale of season two, we picked up to being season three. We just made characters and firmed up the class schedule, with a bit of light roleplaying.

Made characters? Well, yes.

Season three picks up in late April, senior year. The students from the first two seasons have...undergone some changes.

  • Briar is still the Chosen. She's been dating Austin after Austin and Cassi split, and she spent the summer in Copenhagen. She's been monster hunting with Austin and Skylar since she's been back. 
  • Cassi...oh, dear. After Rook's death, she grew more and more withdrawn and depressed, eventually even withdrawing from Austin, but obsessively trying to use her telepathic link on him. Finally, the link broke...and so did she. She's changed from the Queen to the Hollow. 
  • Genesis focused more on her art over the summer. Her class track is strange; she wants to go to college and keep painting, but she isn't sure she can, since she has no legal identity. She also lost her skin again; she heard it was in the lost and found at school, but then she went to get it and its gone.
  • Skylar is still "living" at Rook's house, haunting it, you might say. She's also thrown herself into the "life" that she's made - since she can apparently be part of the living world, even as a ghost, she's trying to get prepared for the future and for college. Maybe he can be a real person?
  • Dora has dropped out of school, and is working towards her GED. The other students don't see much of her anymore, even her friends (Miguel, Julia, etc.). 
  • Rook is, of course, dead. He gave his key to Cassi with his dying breath, and she's never taken it of. 
Now, into the mix, we add a couple of new folks:

  • Ash Morton, the Calaca. Ash awoke in the cemetery the same day Rook died, pulled on a skin, and came to school. He seems to know a lot about the other students and tries to cover for them when necessary. He's happy, but kind of clueless about live-people things. 
  • Erica Perez, the Infernal. Erica was a member of Dora's coven, and is Cassi's cousin (on Cassi's mother's side). Erica is an overachiever - 2nd chair alto sax, straight As, college bound. So when she joined the coven and just couldn't do the magic like the others could, she kind of snapped, and made a deal with a dark power. She knows it as Chantico, the Aztec goddess of the hearth fire. It...might not actually be that. 
We start off on a Monday in April. The students are in Ms. Freese's homeroom. Austin and Briar chat about the upcoming prom, and Briar has the idea of having their own event that night, since bad things tend to happen at Perdido High dances. Austin agrees, and asks the others what they think; Genesis coins the term "un-Prom." Ash enthusiastically agrees, and suggests the amusement park as the venue. It isn't open yet, of course. Briar, Ash, and Austin decide to go out there after school and check it out. 

The announcements reveal that there's an assembly today before lunch. At the front of the room. Damon Richter (another overachiever) turns to Erica and says that the assembly was added last-minute, but he doesn't know what it's about. They lament losing the review time in AP Calc, but agree to get together after school to study. 

During Programming class, Austin approaches Cassi and tells her about the "un-Prom," and asks her to go. She says she'll think about it, which Austin reasonably figures is a polite way to say "no," but he asks her to consider it. 

The assembly happens. The teachers are all dour, and the principal announces that one of the teachers (Mr. Clark, who teaches Psychology to the seniors, including all the PCs), died of a stroke over the weekend. The students are appropriately shocked, and there's some talk about counseling and so forth...and then the characters head to Psych.

Their new teacher walks in and up to the board, his back to the students. He writes his name on the board - "MR. BARON" - and then turns around.

It's Rook. He's aged 20 years or so, but it's him. 

Next time, I suspect we'll be doing a lot of holding steady. :)

End credits song: "I'm Going Slightly Mad," by Queen. A slower cover would be good.