Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Warehouse 13: When Pirates Collide

Our Warehouse 13 Savage Worlds game nears conclusion. Check it.

Last time, you might recall, Memphis, Raji, and Charlotte were searching the warehouse for a strange blip on Memphis' homemade EMF detector. She kept looking, but realized that the blip led outside the warehouse. Another blip, probably Blaine, was also visible, so after some discussion Blue and Blaine got in the van and headed out to follow the "line" that Memphis was tracking.

They got out to the cornfield, and Blaine saw the ghostly pirate ship (but Blue did not). As they got closer, Blaine vanished...

...and then in the warehouse, Memphis tracked down a reading, and saw Blaine. But he looked different; his clothes were slightly altered, and when he spoke, his accent wasn't quite as posh or refined. He (carefully) agreed that he'd been with Blue, by the ship, and he teleported back. Blue, seeing the differences, made a reference to an earlier conversation they'd had, but Blaine had no idea. Everyone regrouped at the warehouse - this was too strange.

"Blaine" had no recollection of ever being an agent of the warehouse, and indeed didn't seem to know which century he was in. Through some questioning, they learned that this Blaine had been dead up until about two weeks ago, when he'd awakened on the ship, busted back down to first mate, under the command of Jack Snow. He told them that he'd died a tavern owner in England, having given up the sea years ago, and that he wasn't really enjoying being a pirate again - really, he was tired. But that didn't explain who had been hanging out with the crew these last few months, calling himself "Blaine."

Memphis theorized that this Blaine might be manifestation of the ship's ghost, and not really a "ghost" in the usual sense. Blaine took offense, claiming that he might be dead and might be displaced, but he was still Bloody Blaine, and the whole Caribbean once knew that name. (But the agents had never heard it.)

They showed Blaine the ring that was supposedly made of the anchor to his ship, but he'd never seen it before and didn't seem especially attached. Memphis hit it with some goo, but nothing happened. Blaine claimed he did have an anchor and knew where it was, if not what - it was with the ship, in the cornfield, probably not visible to the living until nightfall.

Raji, annoyed at being called "lad" and wanting to feel like he was more than just a firestarter, did some digging into the past, specifically Shore. He dug up a picture of him, just as Blaine was explaining a "dream" he'd had, of when he beat a man named Jameson to death on a beach. Raji showed him the picture - sure enough, Shore and Jameson were the same person. They showed Blaine the gem (which, even in goo, started to make him solid), and he identified as the artifact he'd once retrieved for Jamseon before being betrayed.

Just then Blaine heard the call to quarters. He resisted it, but told the others that "recruitment" was about to begin. They hatched a plan - bring the gem to the ship, let it become solid, and then destroy it. Raji lamented that he was, again, being asked to do nothing but set things on fire. Blaine said that he, as a pirate, had been exceptionally skilled at combat, but took no pleasure in harming people. It wasn't until later in life that he discovered he made a good mutton stew, too. Maybe Raji just had to grow up a bit. (Blaine has no idea of Raji's true age.)

Blaine snapped back to the ship, and the others got ready to roll. Next time - we end as we began, with combat on a pirate ship. But this time, in a cornfield!