Thursday, September 11, 2014

Character Creation: Little Wizards

As you may have noticed, I was having something of a rough day earlier. I have a little time before bed, so I'm going to make a quick character.

The Game: Little Wizards
The Publisher: Crafty Games
Degree of Familiarity: None, really. I've read and I helped my kids make characters the other day. We might play it this weekend.
Books Required: Just the one.

Little Wizards is an RPG for kids, wherein you play (yep) young wizards. Said wizards inhabit Coinworld, which has two halves (Heads and Tails), each with a bunch of archipelagos. Teagan and Cael made characters the other day, and that went pretty well, so let's get to this.

My first choice is whether I'm a Mage or a Sorcerer. Sorcerers are born with their magic; Mages learn it at school. Since my kids made Sorcerers, I'll make a Mage.

Now I get into details. I can make these up, roll on some charts, or do a combination. I like rolling, so I'll do that for now. I get: Hair that is wild and unruly, eyes that are bright green, and ears that are pointy, like a cat's. Sure.

For my Signature Feature, I roll "shoes that squeak." Eh. I think I shall reroll. Rain boots. Much better. I think they're bright red.

Personality: I get to determine my best quality, general nature, and worst quality. Hokay. I'm friendly, I'm generally fidgety, and I'm stubborn. Actually, I don't like stubborn. I'll be impulsive instead.

Now, my tastes. I get a like, something I enjoy, a dislike, and something I fear. Sure. I like shoes - actually, why not? He's already wearing rain boots. Let's say he's got a thing for boots. I enjoy camping; all right, that works. I fear spiders ( I making Ron Weasley?). And I dislike doing chores. Well, duh.

Motivations: I dream of brewing a new kind of potion. It's not the first thing I'd have chosen for this guy, but I'm OK with him enjoying potions. Maybe his dad was a Snape sort of person and it's not that he's got any great talent for potions, but he knows how much Dad loves them. He seeks to complete a rock collection. Now, see, that sounds much more like what my character would actually want to do.

OK, I'm off the charts and high on life. Gotta figure out which archipelago I'm from. I kinda like the Shivers Archipelago in Tails. Vampires, werewolves, and other such critters live there, and the inhabitants wind up having to discourage visitors from panicking. I think his family is from there, but he went to school in the Whispers Archipelago - where family is really important. That's maybe where he got the idea that he has to make potions like dad.

So now, stats. I've got three, Body, Heart, and Brain. One's Good, one's Better, one's Best. I think I'll be Best at Heart, Better at Body, and Good at Brain.

Ok, now magic. Hmm. Turns out Alchemy is a sorcerer thing. OK, so dad was a sorcerer, but I'm not (it skipped a generation). I get a Better and two Goods, here, so I'll put the Better in Broom Riding and the Goods into Shapechanging and Spellcasting.

Now, wizard gear! I get a broom, a hat, a wand, and a familiar.

Well, my broom was given to me by the werewolf family down the lane, but their youngest liked to chew on it, so it's got gnaw-marks all over it. My wand was my father's first wand, and it sometimes forgets that I'm not a sorcerer and gets impatient, spitting out sparks or waving by itself. My hat is an official Whispers Academy of Magic hat that I've embroidered with some personal touches (including the design of a boot). And my familiar...well, now I need the dice again.

The book says all familiars are black. I roll a hawk, vulture, kestrel, or condor. Hmm. I like "vulture," actually, given where I'm from. He calls his vulture "Loopy" (because he flies in circles, like they do), and doesn't quite get why other wizards get so creepy out by the bird.

And now some other belongings! My Li'l Wizard has a cloth sack that he uses to collect rocks, a rock hammer, and some polishing clothes. He generally wears the rain boots, but he'll swap out for formal boots at fancy occasions or sturdy boots for hiking.

And then I just need a name. Let's called him Surki (full name is Surkavius, but only his mom calls him that).