Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blog Day Post #2: Warehouse 13

This, of course, is the last story in our Warehouse 13 game. We converted the characters over to Savage Worlds, which makes surprisingly little difference in play, so far.

So! We open at the warehouse. Blaine and Raji are playing pool (Blaine is playing telekinetically, lacking a body). They get to talking about the future. Blaine asks Raji how long he's likely to hang around here; Raji figures another few decades until he looks old enough to pass as an adult. Blaine says that he'll be here as long as he has to - it's a safe haven, after all - but surely there's an artifact somewhere that lets ghosts become solid? Hell, we've already seen one, the gem.

Blue and Memphis are in the office, Blue doing paperwork, Memphis fiddling with a device. Walt calls up Blue and tells her that we got a hit near the warehouse - someone was in a car accident, but reported a four-mast galley sailing down Main Street. Memphis finds a weird purple beetle in the device and sticks it in a jar, happily.

We head into town and find the guy's house. Blue goes upstairs with Blaine while Charlotte and Memphis check the accident site. They manage to track some ghost-residue (using some ghost-detecting device that Memphis whips up) back to a point in a nearby field; the ghost ship moved along until it stopped at the railroad tracks - probably dissipated by the iron.

The guy answers the door, and Blue asks him what he saw. He says he saw a boat with a masthead of a guy with a beard and a trident - Blaine identifies this as "Poseidon." He wasn't drinking and isn't able to provide much detail otherwise. Blaine tells Blue he'll go downstairs to meet up with Raji, but hides in the apartment. When the guy goes back to bed, Blaine manifests and scares the guy into more information - the ship had the word "Poseidon's" on the side of it, and the only person he saw looked a bit like Blaine. How strange. Outside, a storm starts to brew.

We regroup and head back, and do some digging on pirates, and find the Poseidon's Due, a pirate ship operating in the 16th century and captained by one Jacob "Bloody" Blaine. The ship was notable because so many of the officers (bosun, ship's doctor, gunnery master) were female. No mention is made of the navigator, which is strange, and Blaine doesn't offer clarification.

Then the call comes in the next day: The man who saw the ship is dead. He killed himself in his bathtub. Blue and Blaine head back to town, and do some investigating. The man was held down, underwater, but by one central force rather than a pair of hands. Blaine suspects a ghost, and talks to an elderly ghost in the living room, but receives no clarification.

The storm intensifies, and the team isn't sure what happened, but wonders if Mr. Shore might be out for revenge, or if some darker forces are turning up. We shall see.