Monday, June 23, 2014

Better Angels!

Saturday was Better Angels, so I'd better do the write-up. Ha-ha!

Heh. Yeah.

Anyway, last time, the characters were at the hospital, and the three adults had decided to try and swipe Livi away from her parents because they're horrible people (the PCs, not her parents). Willa used Dead Ringer to impersonate Stella, the social worker, while Avro and Gary distracted the real Stella and Livi's mother (Sandy). Impersonating Stella took a Master Die from Baal, who only agreed to it after Willa agreed to go into the maternity ward and switch some bracelets on new babies (told you, they're awful people).

Willa went to talk to Livi's dad (Bob) and Livi, but Livi saw through the disguise and refused to go off with Stella. Instead, she went here Willa and her dad to the lobby, whereupon Willa, seeing real-Stella, turned into a security guard while they weren't looking and vanished into the crowd.

Avro and Gary, meanwhile, had tried to convince Sandy and Stella that Livi had been hanging out with some demented old lady (giving credence to a story Livi had told a few sessions ago), and Stella got on her phone, ostensibly to report or check up on that. Once they saw Bob and Livi coming, though, the Hellbinders faded back. Livi, they realized, was kind of lost to them, at least for the moment. Her family was taking her home.

They decided to keep looking for the fiddle. They looked at the various addresses on their list, and came up with a police station in Decatur. Figuring that would be a good place to keep something under lock and key, they decided to steal an ambulance. Willa went into the locker room and found a paramedic just getting off shift. She pretty much blew the doors off her Insightful Corruption roll to know what made him tick, and was able to call up Cloven Hooves (after convincing Baal to let her do it). She swore a pact with the guy, and sent him to steal an ambulance, take it downtown, and call in a bomb threat. Then the characters stole another ambulance, and headed to the police station.

Avro found a nearby transformer substation and blew the power in the area, while Gary and Willa, disguised as paramedics, went in just as the chaos started. Some clever rolls later, and they were searching the place, looking for an area that made them queasy. They found it - the evidence locked.

Gary tried to get closer, but the old cop in the locker waved him off and told him to follow procedure. Willa used Dead Ringer on one of the cops in the station and went back down, and the old cop seemed to buy it...but then touched Willa's hand and her flesh burned. He slammed the shutters to the evidence room, and realizing they were made, Gary woke up Mammon to get his Claws going. He ripped the shutters off and get a shotgun blast for his trouble. Mammon opened up his Wings, too, just for the fun of it.

Meanwhile, outside, Avro stole a police car and moved it over by the ambulance, hoping to find some cool shit in the trunk. Listening to the scanner, he heard about a bomb threat downtown...and that a bomb squad was en route for another suspicious ambulance in Decatur. He got out of the immediate area...and the police scanner started talking about a guy with wings.

In the basement, the cop shot Gary a couple more times, and Mammon agreed to give him Master Dice if he maimed the guy. The dice finally started falling against me, and Gary killed the old cop with his claws. Willa distracted the rest of the police and frantically searched the evidence room...and found the fiddle.

Outside, an angel arrived. Avro recognized the angelic man - a black man with a mask, but wearing a ring of gold keys on his hip - as Peter, the locksmith who'd nearly killed him earlier. Avro tried to steal a gun from a cop, but Peter intercepted, and knocked Avro back. He told Avro that he still had a choice, and that he wasn't beyond help, and Avro backed down. Peter turned, and walked into the building.

Willa picked the fiddle, grabbed the bow (which she was still carrying), and played it. Her demon and Mammon responded, and she pulled Mammon out of Gary and sent him into one of the cops, who immediately grew claws and wings.

And there's an angel on the way down to them.

Meanwhile, Livi and her family and Stella sit down to talk about exorcism. Stella pitches it as best she can, but Livi doesn't want to hurt anyone, including her demon. She goes to the bathroom and calls up Glasya-Labolas, and asks if he's ever been hurt. He says that he fell once, and that hurt.

Livi decides she's OK with the "praying" part, but doesn't want to fight her demon or have anyone fight it on her behalf. We end with her mom reading her a book, while Stella reads quietly from a different book, focused on Livi.

Next month: The exciting conclusion!