Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pirates Bein' Pirates

Monday we played Pirates of the Spanish Main...and we took a ship! Yaarrr!

We were on the Poseidon's Due headed for the location of the piece of the Devil's Skull, and the journey was fraught with countless perils!

Well, two perils. The first was a storm that kind of blew up out of nowhere. Blaine asked Francois if they should try and wait it out, or go through it. Francois was game, and so Blaine ordered the ship onward, lashed himself to the bow and laughed maniacally in the face of oblivion. But with a bunch of good group rolls and some brilliance from Francois, we made it through.

But then...then came the ship. We saw a frigate coming up on our stern. Blaine, looking through the spyglass, realized it was the Archangel, captained by Don Ramirez, a sailor for Spain. The prudent thing to do would have been to outrun it; we had a good enough head start and a good enough navigator. Blaine asked Morgan, the gunnery master, if she thought they could take the ship.

"Just give me something to shoot," she responded, and Blaine ordered everyone below decks that wasn't going to fight (the Dutchman was first to respond to that).

We slowed the ship, then turned, "crossing the T" and firing our cannons to soften it up a bit. Then we pulled up alongside it and attached a bunch of grapples. Blaine swung over, shot one of their crew, and engaged the rest, and the others soon followed. Maddie swung over and cut a swath through their sailors, while Francois cast a spell and sent several fleeing overboard in terror.

Blaine grabbed the captain off the poop deck (lol), and faced off against him, when Georgina, screaming "RULE BRITANNIA!" swung over and landed on the pool fool (Ramirez, not Blaine). Now injured and surrounded, he took a bullet from Morgan before taking a headbutt from Blaine and dropping over.

Meanwhile, the Archangel had caught fire, and it was spreading. Maddie managed to rally the sailors (on both ships) to put out the blaze, and we routed the Spaniards below while Blaine and Georgina took the captain into his quarters. Georgina mended his wounds, and Blaine informed him that the Due had taken his ship.

"Yes, I suppose you have," he said. We offered him quarter to communicate our orders to his crew, since no of us spoke Spanish (which seems like an oversight on our part). But that still leaves us with two ships to get to our next destination.

We'll deal with that next time, however.