Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monsterhearts: Do You Really Want to Hurt Me

We talk in Monsterhearts about the song playing over the closing credits (the song playing over the opening credits, for the record, is probably this one). Last time, when they spent all that time getting grapevines and then discovering they didn't work, it was probably "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," though I think I'd want some weird cover. Maybe this one.

Anyway, this session we start off with everyone waking up at Briar's house. Rook and Skylar have sex in the shower, and Skylar promises Rook to save a dance for him...if Rook is there.

Dora, Skylar and Genesis walk to school, while Cassi drives Rook and Austin, and Briar drives her own self. En route, Skylar talks to Genesis: Skylar is still mad about Genesis calling down the ocean and washing Omar away during the fight yesterday, and Genesis is upset by that. During the conversation, Genesis brings up Skylar's death (asking her, I believe, if she drowned), and Skylar activates unresolved trauma. Genesis picks up the blamed condition, but Skylar picks up delusional and sees Genesis' hair floating and wet, water streaming from her, and then Dora walks up and puts her arm around Genesis and she starts exuding ocean while the sky grows dark...

Skylar, panicking a bit, grabs a street light and tries to hold steady, but fails. He sees a vision of himself in a normal-looking living room, surrounded by knicknacks he recognizes and photos of himself - and then a tidal wave crashes through the window and he starts to drown. Before he does, he sees Genesis floating there, the same "oh, shit" look on her face as yesterday.

Skylar calms down, but is drenched and the water doesn't seem to be going anyway. She does use hungry ghost and consume Genesis' conditions before they get to school.

The kids get to home room. Cassi and Rook are both depressed and wiped out from the events of yesterday. The homeroom teacher asks Dora where Omar is - this doesn't help matters. Miguel Munoz, another student, leans over and asks Dora if she knows where Omar is (maybe she was just lying to the teacher). Dora first says it's complicated, but then says he was killed by a monster to shut Miguel up. She gazes into the abyss to try and figure out which students they can trust, but fails. She zones out a bit, and when she comes to she's drawn a grid like the seating chart. Two students' squares - Kevin Gable and Omar Diaz - are crossed off, and she's in the process of crossing off a third: Rook's.

Cassi talks to Madison and Ashley and says she'd like to hang out with them again - it's been a while. They're both busy tonight, but perhaps tomorrow?

The students go about their day. Cassi grabs Austin in Biology class and tells him that she can't handle the possibility of him dying while doing monster-hunting things. He says he understands, and he's afraid, too, but he doesn't see how he can back out now - he doesn't see how any of them can. Dora, Skylar and Genesis are in art class, and Skylar does a water color (she's still drenched; the water isn't drying) of her flooded living room, signs it, and gives it to Genesis. Genesis feels a strange sense of deja vu - has she been to this house before?

They all get together in History class and, as usual, get a handful of worksheets because the teacher is the coach, and the coach is prepping for the big football game this Friday. They talk a bit - rather, Genesis talks, mostly about staying focused and getting this done before anyone else gets killed. Rook and Cassi are present, but still muted, and Skylar is still drenched. Briar goes to the books to get a bit more information; everyone helps except Cassi, who can't be fucked at this point. They research the best place to imprison the Black Tamanous, and talk about the options. The boiler room at school is good; since it burned no one goes down there. The pits at the vineyard are also good; they're isolated and surrounded by grapevines.

In gym class, Dora finds Cassi and expresses concern. Cassi bursts into tears, just wanting all of this to be over and to be able to go back to the way things were. Dora turns her on, not in a sexual way, but just to get her focused and offer support, which works - Cassi refocuses and agrees to help the group.

They all get together at lunch again, a bit more together, and try and answer a question that's been nagging at them - if they tie the Tamanous up with grapevines, what stops it hopping to a new body? They all gaze into the abyss to answer this question. Skylar sees the fight in the vineyard, the skies open, the ocean carries Omar away and drowns him, but then a black mist rises up from the water and flows up to the house and into Mrs. Diaz. Genesis sees someone - Rook? Briar? - behead the monster, but then the black mist flows up and infects the executioner. Rook sees the monster flow from Mike into the dying Principal Miles. Briar sees nothing, just blackness and hunger, and realizes that hunger is inside her. Dora sees arms trying to push their way out of Briar's clothes (they both failed the roll, by the way).

The consensus from all of this is that the monster can find a new host when its current host dies (though Rook is still concerned that if the monster kills someone, it can take their body, too). That's easy enough, then, they just won't kill Mrs. Diaz. They'll just tie her up with grapevines and let her starve to death in a pit.

They decide that Dora, Briar, Skylar, Rook, and Genesis will go out to the vineyard and gather some vines. Cassi has gym decorating to do, and Austin stays with her.

Skylar and Briar stay with the car while the other three creep down into the vineyard and gather vines. As they do, a car approaches - van with a Perdido High Football bumper sticker. The van is going too fast, but it rounds the corner and heads into the vineyard, up toward the restaurant. Apparently the Black Tamanous is calling football players to it?

At the gym, Austin finds Cassi and shows her the list of chaperones: Anna Diaz is one of them. The creature is going to be at the dance. Cassi texts a photo of this to the group, and they decide that the gym might be a better option than jumping her at the vineyard. Briar texts Cassi back and tells her that they'll need to decorate the gym with the grapevines; Austin suggests using fake cobwebs (the dance has a Halloween theme anyway). The kids grab the grapevines and go. Cassi dismisses the rest of the decoration staff and she and Austin wait for the others.

While they do, Cassi asks Austin to go to the dance with her. Austin balks, initially, saying that he thought Cassi was going with Skylar. Cassi had asked Skylar, but he'd never answered. Cassi turns Austin on, and they're snogging when the others walk in - Briar first, obviously.

Riding right past all of that, the characters talk about Homecoming. They decide to build a big effigy out of the grapevines and put a Cowboys jersey on it (that's the rival team they're playing at the football game), and then they can use the grapevines to bind the Tamanous. Dora calls up Miguel and turns him on to try and get him to go, and he's interested, but requires more convincing (she has a String on him, which she's planning to use tomorrow). Skylar asks Briar to the dance, and Briar initially balks (she wasn't planning on going to the "dance" part, just the "kill monster" part), but Skylar spends a String on Briar to offer experience if she goes. She agrees.

The characters split up for the night. Dora goes home to her family, Austin likewise. Cassi wants to go home tonight, and Genesis asks to tag along, since she wants to retrieve her pelt. Briar goes home by herself, while Rook and Skylar go back to Rook's house.

Rook and Skylar have sex, and Skylar asks Rook what he had to promise to get Omar's body cleared away. Rook holds steady and fails, and Skylar sees Rook's reflection turn around and shush him (Rook does not see that). Rook answers truthfully - he didn't promise anything for that - but makes Skylar promise never to ask him about that ever again. Rook gets up and goes to the bathroom and stand there with hands on either side of the mirror, gently tapping his head against it. Skylar lies in bed, sheet over her, and then fades away to nothing, like she does at night.

Genesis and Cassi go out to Cassi's house and search for the pelt, but can't find it. Cassi asks her mother, and her mother says that Brandon (Cassi's one-time date for Homecoming) had stopped by to get something he'd left in the pool house after her last party. Genesis holds steady - does someone on the football team have her pelt? Whoever holds her pelt can make her do things, but more to the point, without it she can't go home. Cassi reassures her, and they wind up watching The Little Mermaid together.

Dora goes home and has dinner with her family. Her parents were at the party, and she watches them as they eat...and open a bottle of wine from the vineyard. They offer her a little. She refuses, and goes upstairs, a little sick.

Briar goes home alone, picks out a dress for Homecoming, tries it on, and dances, slowly, all by herself, as the credits roll.