Sunday, April 6, 2014

Character Creation: School Daze

I'm sick. I should be writing Werewolf stuff, but I think I'm gonna make a character, maybe do the write-up from yesterday's Better Angels game, and then go play Assassin's Creed for a while.

The Game: School Daze
The Publisher: Sand & Steam
Degree of Familiarity: Not much, see below.
Books Required: Just the one.

School Daze is an RPG in which you play high school students, written by my compatriot in the IGDN +Tracy Barnett. Since it's a game that deals with kids, and since I have a Kickstarter running that deals with kids (go back it, only a few days left!), and since the game looks simple and has nicely sized type, I'm doin' this one today.

School Daze takes Buffy as an inspiration, along with pretty much every John Hughes movie ever. Pretty simple system; roll a d6, add applicable skills, try and beat 4. The book does make it a point to say, however, that a failed roll should keep the narrative moving rather than simply be a failure, which I whole-heartedly endorse. Also, you can get Gold Stars by doing cool things in-game, which allow you to take a bonus on a roll, remove a negative consequence, or tweak something in-narrative.

As an aside, I appreciate that. Some players (like me) are happiest when we can tweak the narrative, but some folks just don't think that way, and so having a way to use a Gold Star that's purely mechanical is useful.

So anyway, my Permanent Record is awaiting being filled in. This is actually really, really simple. Normally the GM (Administrator) would give me some info about our setting High School and what kind of game (Group Project) we were doing, but in the absence of that, let's assume that I assume that it's a normal high school going in (genre stuff can happen later).

Name: Isaac Williams
Favorite Subject: Hmm. Let's think about Isaac a little. I think I see him as someone who's smarter than he appears. Like, his primary identifier isn't "jock," but that's totally how most people see him. So I'm gonna take "History" as his Favorite Subject, but use Ranks to build up the Jock image.
Ranks: I get three, and they all rhyme (I'm sort of impressed). I'll take Tank (I'm big and imposing, but kind of clumsy), Thank (I'm in good with the teachers) and Flank (I'm a good wingman and I know dirt on people).
Motivation: This is why Isaac gets out of the bed in the morning. They generally change with any given Group Project. The one in the book is Prom-focused, and isn't terribly interesting to me. Let's set Isaac's general motivation as "Impress People with his Brain".
People: I make up three people that I know. These aren't necessarily people that like me, they're just people with whom I have relationships that the Administrator can screw with.

So I'll take Coach Fussell (my soccer coach; Isaac's a goalie), Mr. Corey, the history teacher (who totally thinks I shouldn't be wasting my time with soccer), and Willie (Wilhelmina is the little girl who lives in the big house right down the street from the school; she's 7 and she thinks Isaac is awesome).

And that's it, actually. Very simple indeed.