Monday, April 14, 2014

Character Creation: Psi-Run

Now that I'm done with my first draft of Idigam Chronicle and I'm on spring break, I'd like to try and do a character for my project every day. Today, however, I'm feeling weirdly tired and out of sorts (I think it's still adjustment to my new glasses as much as anything else), so I'm gonna do an easy one today. With that in mind:

The Game: Psi-Run
The Company: Night Sky Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I played it at Origins (I think?), really liked it, and then then bought a copy and ran it at one point.
Books Required: Just the one.

The basic premise here is that you're psychic, and you're imprisoned. There's a crash, now you're free along with some other runners, but you need to escape before the Chasers catch up with you. The game is very fast-paced and relies heavily on improvisation, and you make your character as you go by answer questions (regaining your memories). There's a lot here to like.

Assuming that I don't know my runner's name right off the bat, I'll just go for the easy stuff. I need to fill in my power. This is psychic in a broad sense; if I know I can tell what people are feeling, I should just write that down rather than speculate on the limits of the power. I think I want my character to be in his 30s, obviously a body-builder, because that's different than what I usually do. We'll say he's very muscular, got tattoos on both arms, bald head with a few days of stubble, one green eye and one blue. He's wearing an orange jumpsuit with the number "33421" on it (just made that up).

For powers, I'll avoid the obvious "super strength" route and go for Clairvoyance instead. 33421 can "see" things that aren't happening in front of him.

Sounds good. Now into the questions. You finish this game by answering all of your questions. I have to write down a question dealing with my powers. OK, that's no problem. I'll say "What triggers my visions?"

Then I write down questions dealing with my strengths and weaknesses. I'll write down "Why can't I catch my breath?" (implying some kind of pulmonary problem) and "How did I get so strong?" (implying that I'm...really strong).

I need at least one question about my current circumstances. I'll say that my character just had a vision about a family sitting down to dinner. His family? No idea. Actually, I'll make that the question: "Were the people in the vision my family?" And then I have two more question slots, but I don't necessarily need to fill them in. Kinda want to, though.

Well, I always enjoy the implication that the Chasers put some kind of controls to us. So how about "Why does the bass from that car make me sick?" And finally, I'll say my guy has a tattoo of a heart on his wrist, with the letters "JF." So "Who is JF?" is my last question?

And that's it. Simple game. Like it a lot.