Sunday, April 6, 2014

Better Angels, Torture and Regret

More one than the other.

So, last time, the adult characters left Livi's house with Creature in the trunk. They stopped at Rally's to get burgers and discuss their options. They decided to take her to Arvo's garage and interrogate her there.

They dragged her to the garage, and decided that Livi would be the scariest thing they could put in front of Creature. So Arvo went back to get the little girl out of her house, and did so by turning invisible and waking her up (and promising her more pop and a pair of pink sunglasses). Meanwhile, Creature tried to bargain with Willa into letting her go, but it wasn't happening.

Creature managed, however, to get Livi to soften by apologizing for what she'd done to Livi's parents, basically blaming her demon. Livi wasn't thrilled, but understood, and the characters agreed to let Creature take them to the fiddle. Mammon, meanwhile, convinced Gary to try and steal one of Arvo's trophies. He tried, but Arvo noticed. Mammon kicked on Claws and Nidhogg kicked on Flame-Wreathed, but they both backed down with no violence.

Arvo chained up Creature's legs, and they took a car (not Willa's, which had blood in it) to the same church where Livi had seen guys taking the fiddle before.

Willa went inside and broke into the office. She discovered a filing cabinet with some scrapes in front of it, so she pulled it out and discovered a hollow behind it. The hollow contained a fiddle case that burned her flesh when she touched it (there was angelic script on it, which Baal identified). She opened it using her hoodie as a hot pad, and found a bow with a gold string and a folded piece of paper. The paper turned out to be a list of Bible verses, in no particular order, and with no particular theme - probably a code. The bow, though, was made of what Baal called "Stygian steel," forged in Hell. It made Baal very happy, but made Willa slightly uncomfortable.

Someone's coming! Willa hid under the desk a couple of men looked in. They discovered the missing case, but also mentioned the list - clearly it was a code for locations. They went outside to look for the thief (one of them carrying a gun), and found the car. Livi asked to use the bathroom, and Gary went with her, while Arvo stayed with Creature.

Creature asked to be let go, since she had no further information to give them. Arvo agreed, and warned her to stay out of their way. She left on foot.

Meanwhile, inside, Livi used the bathroom and Gary made awkward small talk. Willa, now that the guys were distracted, left the office, but was spotted. She tried to sneak by them, but at that point the men had apparently recognized them or realized what they were. Livi's demon, Glasya-Labolas, decided to remove ambiguity and turned on Flame-Wreathed.

The men fell back toward the office, and the demons, in a rare show of "let's not fucking murder everyone," left.

They went back to the garage and tried to figure out the cipher. Livi realized that the numbers in the first verse corresponded to the address of the church. Gary did some computer-ing and figured out that a few more were churches, but not all of them. And then the adults' phones went off - Amber Alert. For Livi.

Arvo drove her home (but got her ice cream first), and dropped her in her neighborhood. She was picked up almost immediately and taken to the hospital, where police asked her questions about where she got the ice cream. She was eventually taken to her parents, but she lied to them, too, claiming it was an old lady (her demon, of course, coached her). She made some reference to biting people, too, and that got some attention. By the end of the interrogation, her Deceit was down to nothing and her Honesty was up. One more roll and Strategies would have been at risk, but she decided she was tired and that got the cops off her.

Meanwhile, the others realized they were probably made. Gary went for a walk and saw cops at the nearby gas station where Arvo had bought the ice cream. He went back and they took the car they'd use earlier to a chop shop, and then went up into the ritzy area of town and broke into the mansion of a well-known urbanite kid who was in rehab.

Now living high on the hog, they're planning their next move. Willa, thus far, has told no one about the bow. But why would a golden fiddle of God have an Infernal bow? And where is the fiddle, indeed?