Sunday, February 23, 2014

Actually Playing Better Angels (ep. 2)

Yesterday was Better Angels, so +Sarah Dyer brought little candies to use for the dots on the sheet and away we went!

Last session, which was a while ago, the characters fought an angel-bearer (killed him, really) and saw a magic gold fiddle vanish. We pick up here in the direct aftermath. Livi is on her way home, walking with her parents. Gary is taking the car he stole to a chop shop. Arvo and Willa are hanging around the park, watching the police work and looking for evidence of what happened. See, a Hellbinder died, too, but when a Hellbinder dies, the demon cooks down into an amulet.

Willa uses Dead Ringer to turn into an EMT and goes to check the body. No amulet; she does steal the guy's wallet, though. She wakes up Baal and the demon looks about, but doesn't sense anything - other than Nidhogg, hiding out in Avro's body. Willa goes to talk to him, and they flirt/threaten a little before coming to the conclusion that both the amulet and the fiddle are valuable assets and they should maybe work together.

Livi slips away from her parents ("I dropped my Ring Pop!") and goes scampering back. She gets turned away by the police as she approaches the body, but recognizes Willa and Avro and talks to them. She agrees that if they find the fiddle, they can share it, and she'll go first, but her big brother Toby doesn't get a turn (because fuck that guy). Livi's parents retrieve her and they start walking home again.

Meanwhile, Gary takes the stolen car to the chop shop. His fence tries to haggle him down, and Gary's attempts to resist are kind of fruitless, so he uses Psychic Object to produce a certification for the car that it's a custom job or one of a kind or something valuable in car-speak. The fence agrees and pays him, and Gary heads back to UGA, where he lives in a dorm.

Which is coincidental, because Willa has discovered that the dead ex-Hellbinder was an anthropology prof at UGA, named John Calhoun. She heads out there, and meets Gary walking across campus with a case of beer. Avro is following behind, remaining unobtrusive. Gary and Willa decide they'll try and get into Calhoun's office and see if he left anything of interest behind in his office.

Meanwhile, Livi is walking home with her parents. She passes by the Greater Vine Baptist Church, and sees four guys carrying a very heavy, but very small object out of the church to the trunk of a car. She figures this might be the gold fiddle, and wakes up her demon, Glasya-Labolas. He confirms that the object could indeed be the gold fiddle. She decides that she could take it, and the demon activates her Giant aspect (she initially fails in her attempt to take animal form, but succeeds on the second try, which is good, because her parents don't need to see her giant-ized). The dudes see the giant Komodo dragon and panic. Three get into the car and peel out, while one draws a gun and fires.

Livi, in dragon-form, stomps at the car trying to disable it, but misses. The guy shoots at her and screams to her parents (who are probably wondering if this thing just ate their daughter) to save themselves. Livi swipes at the guy, and then bites him a few times and drops him in the street, bloodied and injured, and wanders off home.

Back on campus, Willa and Gary go into the anthropology building. Gary talks a TA into opening Calhoun's office (using Psychic Object to produce a note), and then Willa uses Dead Ringer to impersonate the late professor and joins Gary in the office. They search a bit, and find some journal entries that Calhoun made when he first took on his demonic guest, a creature called Davros. He also has some sketches of his outfit as the villain "Ravenous." But nothing about the fiddle specifically. Gary finds an appointment he made at a business near the park; it stands to reason he might have been there when the craziness went down.

Avro, watching outside, sees three uniformed police officers and a detective approaching. Since he and Willa exchanged information, he calls her and warns her. Gary leaves the office, looking like a student. Willa, deciding she'd better not look like the dead professor, drops her guise and becomes herself.

The cops arrive, and question Willa. She tries to lie and say that she and the prof had a date, but the detective is suspicious, especially when the TA shows up again and says the prof was here a few seconds ago. The detective, realizing that they might have a metamorph on their hands, has a cop take Willa's ID and go try and see if she was at the park earlier. Willa talks the cop into letting her go to the bathroom, and then Dead Ringers into another woman, slips out, and tries to seduce the cop with her ID. It doesn't go especially well; the dice weren't cooperating at all. Finally she manages to make a deal with the cop (Cloven Hooves), and agree that he'll let her escape, but be a hero in the process. She changes back into herself, and they lead her out. Gary follows.

Outside, they take her to their cars. Arvo, now invisible, waits until they've put her in the back (the cop slips Willa the cuff keys and leaves the door slightly open), and then uses Wither to destroy the engines. The cops leap out, and the detective calls for backup.

Arvo, still invisible, shoves the detective to the ground. Gary, at this point, uses his Dominator Strike power and blasts three of the cops, injuring them and killing the detective. Willa slips out of the car and Baal uncases her Wings. She grabs at the cop's gun, but fails (again), and the cop shoots at Gary, using the Master Die he got from Willa. This, sadly, allows her to reduce his Open automatically, and Gary, now Winged himself, dive-bombs the cop (in an agreement with his demon, Mammon) and slices him up.

He looks up at Willa and says, "You said I'd be a hero." She replies, "Oh, you will be," and flies off.

Two cops remain. Willa grabs one up and drops him in traffic, and Gary body-checks the other into a car. Avro Withers his arm off, killing him in shock, and the demons fly away from the murder-scene.

(Obviously, we had some Cruelty increases.)

Livi, meantime, goes up to her treehouse. Her parents arrive, slightly injured (I like the collateral damage optional rule!) and check on her. She's got some blood around her mouth (from where she bit the dude), but she's otherwise OK.

Later, she sneaks her parents' phone and calls Willa, explaining what she saw. Willa figures she can find the church.

Avro goes back to the Olympic Park, and sees another Hellbinder hanging around, a hippie with dreads and a feral affect. She tells him that she's looking for the fiddle, but he doesn't have it. His demon recognizes this one as Davros, an animalistic, hungry thing. The new Hellbinder accepts his contact info, but then stalks off into the crowd, apparently not interested since Avro doesn't have the fiddle.

But who does have it, indeed?