Thursday, January 2, 2014

Character Creation: Dragon Warriors

I'd really planned to do a lot more characters while on Xmas break, but time makes fools of us all. This weather keeps up, I'll have plenty of time next week, too.

The Game: Dragon Warriors
The Publisher: Serpent King Games (formerly published by Magnum Opus Press)
Degree of Familiarity: None. I read it on a trip some time ago, but even after I read it I didn't remember anything about it.
Books Required: Just the one.

I bought Dragon Warriors at a con. It's a very pretty, solid book. Chapter One is just a basic "here's what 'RPG' means" kind of thing, and Chapter Two jumps straight into making a character. Is there any world information? Sure is, whole chapters full. Oh, but wait, there are tables I can roll on to create background? Fuck yes.

OK, so, Step One is Characteristics, and they're randomly rolled. 'Scuse me a moment.

Rolling, here's what I get:

Strength 9
Reflexes 11
Intelligence 13
Psychic Talent 7
Looks 13

Not terrific. I'll keep it for now, though, since although these scores would suck in D&D terms, I don't know how they do here.

Step Two: Choosing a Profession. We have Knights and Barbarians, which the book tells me are the most common and you can have a whole campaign with just those (yawn). Other options include Assassins, Sorcerers, Mystics, Elementalists, and Warlocks. Well, do they have minimum Characteristic requirements?

No, but this is interesting. You can be whatever profession you want, but if you choose something out of step with your Characteristics (a Knight or Barbarian with low Strength, f'rex), you're not playing to your strengths. By which I mean, anyone with a low Strength does fewer attacks, but that's likely to matter more to a fighty character. That in mind, my high points are Looks and Intelligence, which seems to indicate I'd favor magic. Oh, no, wait, shit, my Psychic Talent is less than 9, so I can't use magic. Well, ass. Let's go with Barbarian, just because it's not a Profession I'd normally pick.

Step Three: Health points. You could call them "snotsacks," they're still hit points (call-out!). I start with 1d6 +9 HP, I rolled a fucking 1 because of course I did, so that's 10.

Step Four: Combat Factors. My attack score is 14, and my defence (it's misspelled that way in the book) is 6. However, because my Strength is ass, I lose 1 off attack. My reflexes of 11 does nothing for my defence.

Step Five: Magical Combat Factors. My Magical Defence is 3. I don't get a Magical Attack because I can't cast spells.

Step Six: Dodging. You can't deny, it's a riveting process. Thank christ for Fate. Anyway, my base Evasion is 5, but it goes up by 1 because my Reflexes is decent.

Step Seven: Stealth and Perception. My Stealth is 13, Perception is 5. Moving on.

Step Eight: Boring-Ass Shopping. Skipping this.

Step Nine: Rank. Lemme guess: 1? Yup!

Step 10: Background. Now I skip ahead 25 pages. Hang on. Oh, wait. I have a few special abilities. I can Track, I can go Berserk (this temporarily adds 1 to Attack for every 3 points I subtract from Defence, which basically means a max of +2), and I can ride a Warhorse.

Right, so now we go on to the "designing your background" chapter. In fairness, it is a chapter. And there are fucking footnotes. Anyway, I don't roll for social class because I'm a barbarian. Instead I'll roll for my origins. I get the Kaikuhuru Desert. This tells me I have aquiline features, I'm a desert nomad, my people herd camels, and we're proud, honorable and have an elaborate code of hospitality. OK, sure.

And that's it, actually. OK. I shall name my barbarian Bahadur.