Monday, November 25, 2013

Monsterhearts, episode 2

I'm a little bleary (it's early) and I have to go to work soon, but I'm awake and I have coffee so let's do this.

Last time, which was a while ago, the characters were getting ready for the bonfire. Well, three of them were. Genesis was in the ocean, having just discovered a body, and Dora was sneaking back into school.

Genesis swam down to the body (remember, she's a Selkie, otherwise she couldn't free-dive this; this becomes important later). Dora, meanwhile, has entered the school and gone to her sanctum, and, using a CD she stole from Kevin Gable's car (Kevin was the high school student that punched Dora and then vanished from school mid-day). She casts the hex, but there are some unintended side effects. She can see through Kevin's eyes, and sees...water. She looks up, and sees Genesis swimming to "her."

The body moves, and Genesis realizes it's Kevin. She holds steady, and then swims to the surface for more air. She swims back down, and realizes Kevin is chained to an anchor by his ankles. She works at freeing him, all the while Dora is trying to grab for Genesis kind of blindly (this hex doesn't normally allow motor control - side effects!). Unable to undo the chains, Genesis uses ocean's breath to have the ocean give her something to help her - and it sends her a tiger shark.

The shark swims in, bite Kevin, ripping him from the chains and taking him out to sea. On the way, Dora/Kevin lashes out physically against the shark, beating it, but it doesn't help much. Dora comes to, spitting up a lot of seawater. Genesis swims to shore, where the bonfire is already happening.

Rook and Skylar were at Pi, the pizza place, and go to the bonfire together. Cassi and her clique are already there, dancing. Skylar is drinking beer, getting buzzed, and Rook calls him to dance. Skylar initially refuses, but then says she will after this beer. Rook responds, "Promise?" and Skylar agrees.

Genesis comes up out of the water and starts screaming that she needs a phone. Cassi gives her hers, and Genesis calls the police, telling them that she found a body in the water. Someone (we're not sure who) grabs the phone and flings it into the surf - the kids are all drinking, after all. The music stops, as does the dancing (meaning Skylar broke his promise to Rook, meaning Rook gains two Strings on Skylar). Gensis tells the others what she saw, and reactions range from horror to outright disbelief to Skylar's reaction, which is "fuck Kevin." He says this to Genesis trying to shut her down, but fails, and I trigger Skylar's Darkest Self - Skylar vanishes, and no one can see her. Unwilling to let this go, Skylar upends a beer over Genesis' head (everyone assumes someone threw it), and uses unresolved trauma since people are talking about dead bodies and such, placing the blamed condition on Genesis and Rook.

Cassie, at some point in here, also tries to shut Genesis down, and places the narc condition on her (gaining the bitch condition for her trouble). She calls her father and manipulates an NPC into getting him to contact the police and explain that this was a crank call. Genesis, angry and without a phone, stomps off toward the school to find someone to help her. Some of the football players follow her. The kids hear sirens, but they stop (apparently getting word that it was a crank call). Rook actively looks for Skylar, and this allows the Darkest Self to fade; Skylar returns to visibility.

The kids at the bonfire tear everything down, figuring it's over for the night. Skylar, Rook and Cassi talk about what to do next, and Rook turns Skylar on. Cassi, not to be outdone, turns Skylar on as well, and the three of them head back to Cassi's place.

Meanwhile, back at the school, Genesis runs into Dora, who confesses that she saw the whole thing through Kevin's eyes and believes her. The police, in the personage of Officer Feldner and his unnamed partner, show up and Genesis tells them what she saw. When they hear how far out she was when she saw the body, though, they're incredulous; it's not possible for a person to be swimming that far, that deep, and not be dead from pressure or sucked out to sea by the undertow. They put Genesis in the back of the car to deal with her, and talk to Dora, but all Dora says is that she was heading to the bonfire, but is now going home.

They take Genesis to the police station. Dora heads home and gets Genesis' pelt, and uses it to cast the same hex, this time successfully. She sees through Dora's eyes as she's taken to the station and interrogated a bit. Eventually, the cop returns with Principal Miles, of all people, who also tells Genesis that she couldn't have seen what she saw. The police finally agree to get a boat and go looking, and drive Genesis to Dora's house (they earlier claimed that she was staying with Genesis, although on paper, Genesis is staying with a crazy old lady who lives near the beach).

Meanwhile, sex! We had the fun of sussing out sex moves when three PCs have a three-way, which I can't imagine is the only time that's ever happened in Monsterhearts. Cassi's is easy; Skylar and Rook gain the condition one of them, meaning they're effectively part of Cassi's clique and she can read their minds. Rook asks both of them to promise to do this again (which they do), and Skylar gets to ask them both a question (and get one asked in return). They ask each other about crushes and distrusts in the classroom (Skylar has a thing for Angela McAdams, the field hockey player; Rook distrusts Dora), and then go to sleep.

Over at the Marquez place, something similar is happening. Dora returns Genesis' pelt, and then turns her on. Their sex movies are likewise resolved; Dora takes Genesis' bikini top (as a sympathetic token) and Genesis gets a string on someone Dora has slept with - in this case, Omar Diaz (whom, you'll recall, Genesis snogged with last episode).

All of that craziness over, the characters sleep, then wake up the next morning/afternoon. Dora is left in charge of her two little brothers. Cassi and Rook had plans to take Genesis dress shopping today, so Cassi (using a new cell phone from daddy) calls Dora to find out if she knew where Genesis was (this made sense in context, I just don't remember why). Genesis is, of course, there, which causes some raised eyebrows, and Genesis agrees to meet them to go shopping, though Dora declines.

Cassi, Rook and Skylar pick Genesis up, they get lunch, and head for the mall. While there, a woman approaches Cassi, and asks if she goes to Perdido High. She introduces herself as Kevin Gable's mother, and explains, tearfully, that Kevin has been missing since yesterday and he isn't answering his phone (Cassi has that phone, of course, but it's long powered down by now). Cassi says that she doesn't know where Kevin is, and his mother says that someone talked to the police, and does Cassi know where that person is?

Skylar, at this point, runs away, and the scariest person there (Cassi) gets a String on her. Cassi attempts to hold steady and fails, so she flubs a bit and points out Genesis. Mrs. Gable talks to Genesis, trying to find out what she knows, but Genesis says she should talk to the police first, as Genesis doesn't feel right telling her. Mrs. Gable nods, not quite understanding, and leaves, digging for her phone to call the police.

Dora, meanwhile, drops her brothers at a playground and goes into the school. She finds the janitor's closet and steals a couple of things she figures could be tokens, and then goes to her sanctum and uses her watching hex to see through his eyes. All she sees is cold and dark; he appears to be dead. Confused, she drops the hex, and hears footsteps outside the nurse's office. When they pass, she leaves, and sees black, sticky, footprints, already fading. She follows them and and sees Mike the janitor going into the basement.

Not wanting to go down there alone while he's there, she leaves, and heads back to the playground. Her brothers are missing. She asks another boy where they are, and he says they got into a cop car a minute ago. Dora panics for a second, and then the car returns, and her brothers get out unharmed and head for the monkey bars. Officer Feldner waves at Dora, and then does the "I'm watching you" hand signal.

Roll credits.