Sunday, September 22, 2013

Board Game: Hisss

Our first board game post! Savor the moment.

The Game: Hisss
The Publisher: Gamewright
Ages: 4 and up
Time: 15 minutes with 5 people; we played three games in less than an hour
Players: Me, Michelle, Sarah, Teagan, Cael

Game Play: We've got a bunch of colorful cards depicting snake bits (head, tail, midsection). They're all shuffled and fanned out, and your turn you draw one. If you can connect it, you do, otherwise it just forms a new snake. Colors match to colors, and if you can connect two snake parts using a new card, you can. A snake is complete when it has a head, at least one midsection, and a tail, and when it's complete the player that completes it says "HISSS!" and takes it. When all the cards are out, you count the cards in your snakes, most cards winds.

Opinions: It's a kids' game, obviously. It's fun, the artwork is cool, and it's cool to watch the snakes get longer. One major problem: There's no way to cheat. When kids are playing, it's nice to have a way to throw the game in a way that isn't obvious, but with this, once you draw, your play is obvious. Cael played all three games before he got a snake - that's not because he wasn't playing "well," that's just luck of the draw. In a related matter, there is no strategy. It's just what you draw when.

Keep It?: Sure. Cael really likes it, so it's a nice game to play with the kiddos.