Thursday, August 29, 2013


Takin' notes on characters. Don't mind me:

Dora Martinez, the Witch: Child of Mexican immigrants (father has green card, mother overstayed student visa). Magic from ghost of grandfather. Hates USA, wishes to use magic to fix it (or flee to Mexico, which is obviously superior). Two younger brothers (in elementary school). Edgy. Weird fashion sense. Lots of weird. Thrift store, handmade, tokens from other folks.

Cassi Metz, the Queen: Youngest of three, two twin brothers. Daddy's a consultant, mom's a SAHM. Tanned (on beaches), dark slightly-bleached reddish hair. Three best friends (Alyssa, Madison, Austin), been together since first grade, it's been awesome. On every committee ever at school. Surfs.

Rook Carmichael, the Fae: Dandy-ishly fashionable. Thrift store plus exquisite. Vests, steampunk, dainty, dandy. Very confident. Never bullied. Saw a woman in the woods who dropped a silver key; Rook picked it up and his life changed - finders keepers! (Key is on a chain around his neck.) Hair partially dyed blue. Only child. Mom adores him, Dad doesn't understand (works in construction).

Skylar Grey, the Ghost: Disappeared freshman year, whispers of divorce of parents. Reappeared in sophomore year, but parents have moved away (with his younger sister). Staying with a friend from high school. Mop of blond hair, weird light blue eyes. Wears hoodies and skinny jeans, Chucks. Doesn't know how died, avoids looking into it. People interchange pronouns when talking about Skylar.

Genesis Bell, the Selkie: Came to the land to paint. Family is back in the ocean. Staying with someone. Fair skinned, long curly auburn hair. Paint-stained, loose clothing, always barefoot. Strikingly deep blue eyes. Father - Tobias. Mother - Elle. Brother - Bastion.

So we did our seating chart, and talked about the town a little. The town is Perdido, CA, a seaside resort town of about 3000 (about 20 to a classroom at Perdido High - go Dolphins!), with about 250 in the school in total. Most of the industry in town is tourism related - people come to surf, hike, sunbathe and otherwise experience nature. There's some farming and winery outside the city, and one of the characters' classmates, Omar Davis, his family owns Perdido Winery (so he's popular - he can provide wine).

Next time, we actually play!