Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So! Monday was Earthdawn.

The characters spent some time doing some investigating, asking around about the kaer in the woods. They figured that since it was a kaer, and thus probably empty, it wasn't going anywhere. Arden went into the woods and watched until a berbalang attacked a fawn, and then a couple more came along to share in the feast. She figured the pack that they PCs fought was probably a good 6-10 strong, but they could maybe be lured away from the kaer.

Rosanna talked with the oldest elf in the village, and he told her that no one in the village had come from that kaer. When Grand Clay was founded, the inhabitants all came south from Throal and the surrounding territories. This meant that this kaer might still have inhabitants, or at least their remains.

The characters got together and decided to go check out kaer, maybe just poke around a bit. They took a cow along (old, stringy, dying anyway) and set it down a game trail, and waited until the berbalangs attacked. Then they approached the tree, and Oolo asked nicely to be admitted. It opened, and the characters went into the tree and then fell through a hole, one by one.

Kurita, Oolo and Rosanna slid down a long, wooden slide (Cain and Arden can fly, of course). Kurita managed to jab the slide with a dagger and work her way down slowly, but the elf and the dwarf flew off the end and landed, safely if bumpily, on roots. They were in a huge, column-like central area, surrounded by the roots of the trees, which formed hundreds of tunnels and crevices.

The others joined them, and something flew overhead. Kurita recognized the creatures - huge, bat/manta ray-like things call shadowmants. Cain remembered that their barbed tails carried a poison sting, and the poison is notorious for being resistant to magical healing.

And the characters noticed that the shadowmants were circling...and getting lower.

Next time: Combat!