Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Promethean: End of the Third Story

Last night was, as the title suggests, the end of the third story (Dark Angel/Devil Song) in my Promethean: The Created chronicle, The 7th Angel. So here we go!

The characters were in junkyard, remember. Avalon stayed with the freed captives in the house, Feather was dead, Enoch had gone down into a hole in the junkyard, Matt, Grimm and Skip were with him.

In the hole, Enoch saw the whole cavern lit up with fiber-optic cables. He saw a man there, a man with eyes made of the same thin threads of light. The man told him that this place was a shrine of the Seer (see "The Seer's Pilgrimage" in Magnum Opus), and that he'd be willing to let Enoch see it, but that he couldn't tell the others what he'd seen here.

Enoch asked him to clarify, and the man told him to look down. There was an immense cavern beneath them, a cavern with huge gears that would occasionally link together. The man (?) said that they were too close to output now, and that Enoch couldn't tell the others about the Machine. If he did, the man would rescind whatever knowledge he got. Enoch agreed, and the man gestured and the cables folded in on themselves to reveal pilgrim marks.

Enoch saw a vision of a dark-skinned woman reading them, and then saying, "Of course. Where 'three become one, in a high place.' Obviously." The marks, to Enoch, also were musings on Torment - if you made your home in a place of Torment, would that Torment affect you? Or if you made your home in place while experiencing Torment, would it affect the place?

In the house, the lights went out with a pop and a smell of ozone. Avalon grabbed a flashlight and tried to keep the folks calm.

Meanwhile, up above, the characters felt Azoth call to Azoth - Feather had returned. Matt and Grimm went off to find here, while Skip stayed with Enoch. But then Nergal mentioned there was a ghost about, and Skip headed back to the house to look.

Matt and Grimm found Feather underneath the cars, and helped her climb out. She was sad and somewhat surly, but told them about the death of Red Odell and how he was trying to come back from that death. And then they headed back toward the house. They got there about when Enoch and Skip did, and found the ghost of Byron Odell, Jr. (the younger fellow they'd put in the basement). Feather and Skip tried to talk to him, but when Skip mentioned the people in the basement, he flew into a panic and ran back into the house. They heard glass breaking, and the characters ran into the living room. The big picture window was broken - and that was right over where the captives had been sitting.

The characters ran in, and the ghost whipped around and flung the glass at them. Feather went past the ghost, picked up one of the captives, and took them outside through the broken window. Skip punched the ghost, but didn't do much damage. Avalon used Suggestion on him and calmed him, and Skip grappled him.

They managed to get him calm and rational, as the other folks entered. He revealed that he'd electrocuted himself in the basement, because he didn't want to be left holding the bag for what his father had done. (Enoch's approach allowed him to Regain Willpower through his Virtue, which was a milestone.) The characters felt maybe a twinge of remorse, and told him that he wasn't to blame for his father's crimes - his father was a monster, and he'd only been a kid. Byron revealed that a few years ago, he'd seen a black woman hide in the junkyard after an altercation with his father, but hadn't told Red (he didn't want the lady to be locked up in the basement, and figured if she got away she'd bring the police). She'd driven down from Trindad, he said.

Enoch realized that "Trinidad", a town north of Truth or Consequences, could very easily be "where three become one." He asked the boy if he wanted to pass on, but Byron wasn't quite ready to do that yet. He asked the characters to find out if the woman made it out OK, and then sank through the floor into the basement. The characters thought they heard chains rattle.

The captives had been wanting police intervention, and Feather walked with one of them around to the back and found Red's truck and the CB radio (there were other cars that might have worked, but the Prometheans used up all the batteries healing last time). They called for help, and then went back to the captives. They explained that they really shouldn't be there when the cops arrived (and again, one of the captives seemed to get it), so they climbed the fence and left, driving away in their van.

They stopped by a transformer and healed up, and then thought about heading back to the trailer park, but Feather wisely pointed out that this would potentially bring scrutiny on the other folks who lived there. They agreed, and instead headed for Trinidad.

As they approached the city, they saw Fisher's Peak looming in the distance. "A high place where three become one..." that seemed likely.

Arriving there, they stopped at a thrift shop. Avalon and Enoch, since they weren't shot and therefore had no bullet holes in their clothes, went in and bought clothes for the others. Avalon also found a lone encyclopedia volume (which was an Aspiration for her), as well as an old "Hike New Mexico!" book, and some beat-up backpacks. With their last few dollars, they bought some cheap food (dog food, maybe), and then found a place to start their hike.

I just kind of glossed over the process of getting up the trail, because if there is a trail, then a bunch of Prometheans should have no trouble with it. They got up to the peak, which is really a plateau. Skip looked for a ghost, as did Avalon (by means of Tainted Azoth). Feather, Matt and Enoch meditated (Elpis). Grimm used Sense Pyros.

Grimm felt Pyros in abundance, gathering like storm clouds. Feather, focusing on her recently regained memory of the flood in New Orleans and saving her young charge, but not the boy's mother, saw herself standing in rage against the river...and winning. Yes, the river spilled onto the banks and did some damage, but it was unable to staunch her fury. Matt, again, saw the bright light, and saw himself not looking away. And Enoch, looking for his creator...saw her. (As did Skip and Avalon - she's a ghost.)

She appeared naked and beautiful, a mother goddess in the setting sun. She told them her name was Astira, and seemed pleased to see Enoch (whom she called "Valentine"). She told them she'd created him because she'd wanted to bring life into the world, but found she couldn't. Her way had been fraught with difficulty and pain, and in the end, she hadn't lived to get down off the mountain - but Enoch had, and that was what was important.

They talked, and the characters added their own tidbits (Matt apologized again to Feather for killing her). And then Grimm, who'd been quiet up to this point, informed them that there was a storm of Pyros coming. Astira told Enoch she loved him, kissed his forehead and vanished, but did apologize, saying that what was coming was not of her doing. "You are all in a web that would make Anansi proud," she told them, "and I hope that you get out again." Enoch achieved a milestone (Find his Birthplace).

She vanished, and a bright light appear. It burned their eyes (but Matt stared into it), and a booming voice asked Enoch: "What are the angels?"

"They're the ones who love us," he replied.

The light asked him to clarify, and he said, "She made me because she couldn't have a child. The angels are the ones that bring us here, that create us" (meaning demiurges).

The light didn't respond...but the firestorm started. It immediately blinded Feather, Enoch and Grimm, and damaged the others with flung stones. Avalon tried to keep everyone together, but Matt walked into the light (making a milestone: Stare at the Firestorm Without Looking Away). Feather, angry and saddened over her death (and, y'know, drinking from the River of Woe), entered Torment.

The others felt her rage, and backed off. The winds whipped Matt and Enoch off the mountain. Feather, having made a milestone (Succumb to Torment) whirled around and punched Skip...and used the Bludgeon Transmutation, stunning him. The winds flung him off the mountain, and his Azoth faded. Avalon led Grimm back to the trail, where the Firestorm ceased to have any effect (and she made a milestone: Survive the Firestorm Without Taking Aggravated Damage). Feather pounded the ground in rage, and the winds took her, too.

The characters found each other, later on, Grimm tracking them all down. They never found Skip, nor did he return. Feather, who had no memory of her frenzy, asked where he was.

By the time she'd hit him, Enoch and Matt had been flung off the mountain. Grimm had been blinded. Only Avalon had seen the truth. "He flew away," she said, and left it at that.

The throng decided to head north, to Denver. Some snow would be nice.

As usual, we're going to take some time off and play something else, but I wanted to note this idea I had:

At a ski resort; probably get them there by having the van break down and have them hitch a ride on a bus there. Young folks there skiing, probably some folks getting married, because I want to have this be Avalon's story, so we want love triangles and whatnot. And maybe werewolves, since there are some of those in Denver.