Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Promethean: Fightin' Ghosts

Monday was Promethean, so here we are.

The characters were walking into the desert, guided by Grimm's Sense Pyros. They split up into pairs and spread out a bit.

Avalon and Enoch talked about Pandorans and where they came from. Avalon asked where the person's body had gone, and Enoch told her that it had become the sludge of the Pandorans. This took some processing for the Unfleshed to understand.

Skip and Feather talked about Skip and his relationship with Nergal. Feather opined that maybe Nergal wasn't as "under control" as Skip assumed, and Skip said that he knew Nergal was under control...because Nergal had told him so. He then rethought this position.

Matt and Grimm talked about Matt's little shooting lesson from the day before, and Matt said he was over it, but that he hadn't appreciated being made to shoot at his friend. Grimm said he understood. Matt saw a star growing brighter and brighter, and started to avert his eyes, but then heard Lurch (his unintentional creator) say "Be not afraid." He kept looking until the light faded.

At this point, Skip sent Nergal on ahead a half-mile, told him to scout, then come right back and do nothing else. Nergal did so, and then Skip heard him screaming, and started running. Feather took off after him, and the others (while they can't hear the spirit), heard the other two running and followed.

Matt and Skip were the fastest, and as they approached, Skip saw a spectral woman holding Nergal in the air, siphoning energy from him via her fingertips. Skip rushed toward her, and Matt held back. This made a milestone for Skip (Finish First in a Running/Climbing Contest), and fulfilled his Virtue of Fearless. The woman gestured at him and he felt his vision fade, but nothing happened. He punched her, and she dropped Nergal.

The others arrived, but none of them could see the target. Avalon used Aura Sight and saw swirls of color - rage, hate, betrayal and hunger (this fulfilled her milestone of Identify a Non-Human Via Aura Sight). Feather tried to do likewise, but failed and chose to dramatically fail, so she saw Skip's aura catch fire and turned away, momentarily blind. Her head started throbbing - especially a bit on her scalp.

The ghost reached down and called up the sand, and hit Skip with it. It flayed the shirt from this body, as well as a lot of the flesh, and knocked him back. Matt stepped in to try and help, but nonviolently, and tried to talk the unseen force down. It seemed to work (an Avalon confirmed the emotion changing, the rage subsiding). Nergal ran over and crawled into Skip's chest. Other Prometheans (Enoch, Grimm) stepped forward to try and talk to the presence, but she didn't respond. Finally she shimmered and became visible, and Skip noted that she was staring intently at people's mouths when they were speaking.

Matt got the brilliant idea to write in the sand, and she responded verbally. She told Matt that he looked familiar, that he looked like a guy who'd been on a TV show she used to watch - set in Pennsylvania and his character's name was Michael? But she didn't remember the actor (Matt has the Famous Face Merit, y'see). She said her name was Abigail Torres (at which point Enoch gained a milestone: Learn the Name of the Woman Whose Body was Used to Make Pandorans). She said that she had been out here camping, and someone - a very dark-skinned woman with an accent, maybe African - he murdered her. She said she remembered being cut to pieces, and she blew back some sand and showed the Prometheans a box. Inside it was her severed left ear.

On the box lid, though, was a Pilgrim Mark - meaning "guilt." Enoch asked her if she wanted to know the truth (Grimm was in favor of just telling her), and she said she was. Enoch told her approximately what had happened, and then the characters figured that she had probably already been dead when the mysterious demiurge (or Promethean, hard to know) had cut her up. Knowing this, Abigail told them that, if they ever found the woman, to tell her that she wished it had worked. Asked why, she shrugged and said, "it would have at least meant something." And then she collapsed into sand.

The characters looked around a bit, and Feather found a hot spring, buried in the sand. She used her camp shovel to dig it up, and then washed her face off and found something, aching, under her hair - like a scar. She pulled back her hair and had Avalon look at it - there was a Hebrew word carved into her forehead. It wasn't the usual "EMET" for golems, though; none of the characters recognized it. She did gain a milestone, though (Discover the Word in Her Hair).

Realizing that this was a good spot to camp and regain Pyros, the Prometheans bedded down for the night. Feather buried herself in sand, Skip camped near where Abigail had been haunting, Grimm near the campfire and Enoch in the spring (Avalon and Matt are kinda out of luck on this subject).

And we'll pick up tomorrow morning with them going to back to the trailer park.