Monday, November 26, 2018

Night's Black Agents: Plans and Near Misses

Saturday was Night's Black Agents. Here we go!

Last session was quite while ago, but was pretty important - they took out another of the vampires in the conspiracy.

This time, Firinci is in Berlin, doing his business stuff when he realizes he's being followed. The folks following him look white-nationalist-ish, so that's not great. He runs, leading them on a chase into the subway and back up, and sets off a door alarm to summon the police, and then runs to the Turkish embassy. He evades his pursuers, but contacts his friend Lazlo Berger (whose operation was exposed in Budapest) and the other agents - they've apparently been made.

Berger travels to Vienna and Hanover (in disguise) picks him up and transport him to a safe house. Firinci arrives shortly thereafter, and notes a car outside the townhouse that has evidence of someone on a stakeout (though the stakeout-er isn't there). He tells the others, and they bug out, falling back to a chalet in Innsbruck.

Parker is off in London (her player wasn't feeling well), so the four agents talk about their options. They've apparently been exposed, though to what degree they aren't sure. They know that Vilmos Hajnal, Nikita Utkin, and Ioan Koltay are their best remaining targets (well, Tesla, but they still aren't sure where to find him). They know that the IFEA is going to have a conference in a few months in Minsk, so they know where Koltay will be, and they could in theory infiltrate it. But that's a while, and they want to have something to do in the interim.

Firinci and Hanover start looking at finances, trying to track Hajnal's movements and come up with some kind of predictive model. They realize that it doesn't look like Hajnal is picking the movements, it looks like someone else is doing it for him. So is Hajnal just a puppet? Either way, taking him out would create a power vacuum and a real mess in the European underworld (but maybe that's good?).

Working the model a bit more, they figure that Prague or Bratislava might be the next city Hajnal goes to, and either of them are within an easy drive of where they are presently. They put out feelers to both cities and wait...