Friday, November 23, 2018

Character Creation: W20

Today being Wolfenoot, I thought it appropriate to do a character for a wolf-based game. And lo and behold, I have one more Werewolf game left! (Note I've already done a few.)

The Game: Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
The Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
Degree of Familiarity: Very yes. I worked on this book, and I've run the everloving heck out of Werewolf over the years. It's been a while, though.
Books Required: Just the one.

Ah, Werewolf. At times preachy, gross, racist, and weirdly gonzo, but such a damn fun game. Like many White Wolf properties of the 90s, its heart was in the right place even when its head was up its butt.

So, what kind of Garou do I want to make? I've done a couple of Apocalypse versions (linked above) before, and I made a lupus in the Dark Ages version and a metis in the Revised version (and evidently I didn't have a copy of 1st or 2nd ed kicking around...oh, right, I would have sold 2nd ed because I didn't work on it). Well, that would seem to indicate that I make a homid-breed character, but eh, I dunno. It's Wolfenoot. Seems like lupus would be more appropriate. Let's do that.

I feel like making a character who's a little more optimistic, and the Children of Gaia definitely play to that. Oh, wait, though, the Dark Ages: Werewolf character I made was a lupus Child of Gaia (in my defense that was 10 freaking years ago). OK, I'll keep the "lupus" and the "optimism" but I'll pick a different tribe. Heck, let's do Shadow Lords. Not something that immediately comes to mind when I think "optimistic," but I can make it work (and I love this tribe).

So, again, lupus. My wolf was born in Eastern Europe somewhere (he doesn't know where, like he has a passport). He Changed when a group of humans were tearing around his woods on motorbikes and scaring his pack (there were pups!). He burst from the trees and scattered them, but didn't kill any, just destroyed their bikes and harried them all the way back to the road. Later his tribe caught up with him and...they can't quite figure what to make of him. He's not stupid, but he's simple. He's not cowardly, but he's merciful. There was some talk of foisting him off on the Children of Gaia, but he's Pure Bred as heck, so maybe there's something more to him? They call him Spills-No-Blood.

Oh, and I think he makes the most sense as a Philodox.

So that's Step One: Concept pretty much handled. On to Step Two: Attributes. We have the standard OWoD 7/5/3 array, here, and as a lupus I think Physical first makes the most sense. Two into each and the extra into Dexterity, because it's the best stat.

Social secondary. Three into Charisma, two into Appearance, leaving one lonely dot in Manipulation. Have I mentioned that Appearance is a dumb stat?

Mental, finally, gets 3 dots, and I'll just split them up evenly.

Step Three: Abilities. 13/9/5, nothing over 3. Here we goooooo!

Well, Talents is obviously first (I know I've seen lupus characters not put Talents as primary, but not often). Three each into Primal-Urge and Athletics, two in Brawl, Alertness, and Intimidation, and the last one into Leadership.

I think we'll just go Skills as secondary, and pop three each into Animal Ken and Stealth. Oh, and three in Survival.

Five dots for Knowledges, so two in Enigmas, two in Rituals, and one in Occult.

Step Four: Advantages. I get 5 dots in Backgrounds (W20 changes the stupid Background restrictions to "discouraged" Backgrounds, which is better). I want hella high Pure Breed, so I'll just dump all five dots there and pick up anything else I need with freebies.

I get three Gifts: one from breed, one from auspice, one from tribe.

Well, for breed Gifts, I think either Heightened Senses or Hare's Leap (Sense Prey is kinda weak and Predator's Arsenal, while cool, isn't in-concept). I'll take Heightened Senses.

For auspice Gifts, I want Scent of the True Form. I think Spills likes to know who he's dealing with.

Finally, for Shadow Lord Gifts...ooh, they added a couple. I like Whisper Catching (I like Shadow Weaving, too, but it feels a little hands-on for Spills).

For Renown, I get 3 Honor 'cause I'm Philodox.

Step Five: Finishing Touches. I get 3 Rage (from auspice), 5 Gnosis (from breed), and 3 Willpower (from tribe). I start at rank 1, and then I get 15 freebies to throw around.

Well, I kinda want another dot of Perception, so that's 5 points right there. There are a couple of new Backgrounds, and I think Fate makes sense for Spills, so I'll put three dots in there. Another dot of Primal-Urge? Yes indeedy. 2 more points, 5 left. I think I'll buy Willpower up to 5, Rage up to 4, and I'll put two dots in the Rites Background and pick up the Rite of Heritage and the Rite of Boasting.

That's all my freebies, and I honestly don't much feel like buying Merits & Flaws; I think Spills is pretty much complete as he is. Howly Wolfenoot!