Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Blades in the Dark: When in Doubt, Punch

Last night was Blades in the Dark. Check it.

In our previous session, the scoundrels got involved in a fairly convoluted scheme to take control of a Hive-run tavern. They'd made a deal with Captain Vale of the Bluecoats to raid the place, as the Hive was involved in smuggling of leviathan blood, but Vale wanted to know which of the Leviathan Hunter ship captains was involved. They figured out it was Lady Ankhayat, Siren's former captain, so the question was whether or not Siren wanted to sell the Lady out.

Copper and Siren decide to pay a visit to Lady Ankhayat - maybe she can give them someone to frame, or maybe she'll be willing to pay to avoid this little issue? Siren, it turns out, left the high seas because she didn't want to die out there, and so when they turn up at the Sea Rover, she endures a bit of ribbing from her former crewmates. They get admitted to see Ankhayat, and she is, in a word, unreceptive to Siren's veiled threat of turning her over. The scoundrels decide to leave before it gets ugly - Ankhayat is an Iruvian noble, and the crew is already not exactly on great terms with the Iruvian consulate.

They fall back to the lair and talk to the others. Cage favors just turning Ankhayat in and taking whatever happens afterwards, but One-Eye is a little more circumspect. After all, this is just about a tavern, it's probably not worth pissing off the Leviathan Hunters (who are presently well-disposed to the characters), the Iruvians, and whoever else might be allied with these folks. They decide to abandon this job and come up with something better.

They sell off the leviathan blood they stole for far less than it's worth, but they want to get rid of it quickly and quietly. Then they figure, screw it, let's just go into the tavern, beat everybody up, and say "OURS NOW." Cage first goes there and figures that there's a device inside that's driving ghosts away. One-Eye does some asking around and finds out that a device like that is probably in a room without much foot traffic (since proximity to it would irritate living people, not just ghosts), and it'd be about the size of a briefcase. The crew figures they'll break that first, then with the punching. They bring Marlene, a pugilist and buddy of Copper, with them.

Cut to the action! They're in the back storeroom with the device, and they throw things at it until it sparks and starts making bad noises. One-Eye figures it's about to blow, so they toss it out the door into the bar before it explodes, and then all jump out and start punching (except Cage, who calls any ghosts in the area). Siren points at Karth Orris, the bartender, and claims the bar, but Orris just punches her in the nose. One-Eye drops him with a dart, and reasserts their claim as ghosts start possessing patrons.

The crew punches ghosts out of people, and things calm down...but then Captain Vale and the Bluecoats show up to arrest everyone. The crew bribes their way out of the situation, and sets to cleaning out and redecorating their new tavern.

See? You can do it all manipulate-and-skullduggery, or you can just punch things until they're yours.