Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Chill: Happy Halloween!

Sunday we finished a Chill case. Read on!

Last time, the envoys were at the Bliss' house, taking on a very spooky ghost. This time (with a slight retcon to have Blake back at the hospital with the family, since his player couldn't make it), we start off with everyone dealing with the spiders and other supernatural horror.

Jordan, thinking quickly, uses her Line of Defense discipline to ward the room, driving June (the ghost) out. This allows the envoys to talk things over a bit, and has the effect of letting their electronics work (June had shut them off). They decide that they need to lure her away from the house - she doesn't want Giles anymore, now that she's remember her own son's name, and that'll prevent further damage to the house. The envoys do a little research, and Jennifer figures out that there's an address in downtown Boise where June got arrested - it's a vacant building. It's a place she knows, and no one should be there. That's the best they've got.

They decide to try and lure her there and show her footage of kids trick-or-treating; maybe that'll be enough? They talk it over some more and realize that while they probably don't have a shot at talking to June's widower, they might be able to get information out of the grandparents. Barry (that is, June's husband) has family that live just out of town, so Mohammed and Jennifer decide to head out there.

They leave the house, and June slams Mohammed up against the wall. Willa comes out as well (since she can see the ghost), and explains that they have a possible line on Joey, but they need to go check it out. June agrees; Mohammed and Jennifer can go, but if they aren't back by sundown (about 90 minutes), she'll kill everyone in the house.

Mohammed and Jennifer get out to the grandparents' place and talk their way in. They decide on the very risky move of telling them the truth, and Mohammed makes use of his Telepathic Empathy discipline. The grandparents aren't quite sure what to make of the envoys' claims that June's spirit isn't resting, but the envoys are very clear that they don't want money, and they claim that Joey (June's son) might be in danger. Finally, the grandparents allow them to borrow a photograph taken last year - Joey trick-or-treating in a Spider-Man costume.

Meanwhile, Beth Anne and Jordan leave the house, and Jordan gets likewise slammed against a wall. They manage to talk their way past June and leave the house, going to buy a wall projector (still going with the idea of "trap June at the abandoned building and make her watch trick-or-treating videos"). That leaves Willa alone at the house, in the warded room.

The others get out to the building and case it; it's empty. They buy the projector and Jordan draws a circle, ready to close it and trap June. Willa, as the sun sets, tells June where they're going, and June disappears...just as Janet, Wendy, and Giles pull in.

Janet screams at Willa to leave, and basically refuses to listen to anything she says. Willa doesn't do this for kudos, though, and says that she hopes that Janet never knows why all this was necessary. Wendy, who does not, silently thanks Willa as Willa walks up the driveway and calls an Uber.

The envoys arrive at the building, and June appears, furious, but Jordan manages to close the circle and trap her. June starts wrecking the ceiling and the floor, which would eventually shatter the circle, but Jennifer shows her the photo of Joey, and she stops.

"I bought him that costume," she says. "I bought it at the thrift store. I wanted to get the newer one, but I spent the money on pills."

The envoys assure her that her son is safe, and that she can go. She fades away, disappearing into nothing, and the envoys get the hell out before they get arrested again. Apart from some injury, they're doing pretty well, and Jennifer heads back to Chicago - but says she'll fly back if she's needed.