Sunday, October 28, 2018

Character Creation: Epyllion

But wait, you might be thinking, didn't you do an Epyllion character already? Like, three years ago?

Well, the truth is, hypothetical extremely observant reader, that I did, but that was for the ashcan version of the game and I like to do characters for any edition(s) I have. And I wanted to do a game today that would be quick, because I'm running Chill in a few hours but I figured I could try and get caught up a little. So here we go.

The Game: Epyllion: A Dragon Epic
The Publisher: Magpie Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I ran a game of Epyllion using the ashcan rules, and I played it at New Mexicon (I think) a couple of years back
Books Required: Just the one.

For those that don't know, Epyllion is a PbtA game in which you play baby dragons ("drakes") who are fighting against the coming Darkness using the power of friendship. And that all sounds very cutesy, but in play it doesn't need to be. Your dragon has a virtue that they admire, and when another character exhibits that virtue, you give them a friendship gem, which you can then use to power your magic.

I actually had a lot of fun running this game and I'd totally be up for doing it again sometime. For now, however, let's make a drake.

First thing, I pick a playbook. There are six in the core book, and then a few more in supplemental material. I actually like one of the ones from the latter, the Elementalist. I feel like doing something a little overtly magical today.

So, I start off with the stuff on the first page (name, look, and colors). There's a choice of names (though nothing says you couldn't make one up). I'm picturing a low-voiced, gruff kind of earthy dragon. I'll name them Froghar.

For look, I pick one adjective from each line. I'll take wooden antlers, moss-covered, muddy snout, club tail, hooves, and large body. Froghar is a dragon of the deep woods and forests. For colors, I'll pick dark green.

Now I pick stats. I start with Charm 0, Courage -1, and Cunning +1, and then I add one to one of them. Hmm. My special move keys off of Cunning, but the miss is actually pretty cool, so I think I'm gonna put my bonus in Courage so I'm not negative there.

For house, I have a choice between Myndoth and Kebros. Pardon me while I read up on these real quick. OK, so Kebros is a house with some redemption issues (a lot of them went bad during the war), while Myndoth is all about preserving and learning secrets. I think I'll go Kebros. Froghar sees the truth - House Kebros never really betrayed Dragonia, even if individual dragons did. The heart of the house is in Dragonia, always has been, and sure, it can be uncaring or elemental, but everything in context.

For virtue, then, I'll pick Confidence. Froghar doesn't see the value in dithering around. Dre would rather just make a decision and stick by it.

Now I pick a move. I get From Chaos, Purpose automatically, and then I can choose one more. I think I want Channel Dragonia's Spirit; it lets my clutch get a quest from the elements and clear Shadow, which is pretty cool.

Normally at this point I would do fellowship, but since it's just me there's no point (sadly).

I picture Froghar as this big, moss-covered, dirty thing, uses to burrowing into hills and bogs and so on. Dris elemental constructs are going to be very wood- and earth-based, and wind up with moss growing on things and little grubs and bugs everywhere.

That's me done, then!