Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Dissension in the Ranks

Last night was Blades, after a bit of a hiatus.

Last time, the scoundrels rather grudgingly took a job that Cage brought them via Lord Penderyn to retrieve a mysterious artifact from the Deathlands. This turned out to be the Eye of Kotar, but Cage wasn't able to tell the others that until they were already out in the soup. And then Spirit Wardens showed up, and things went to hell.

The Spirit Wardens fire their rifles at the scoundrels, and they scatter. Siren disappears entirely (she maxed out her stress and took Trauma, which put her out of the action for a while), Cage and One-Eye drop back into a structure with the Deathlands Scavengers. Copper puts up her hands and yells at the Wardens to cease fire; they do, but keep their weapons trained on her. They tell her to approach, slowly; Copper tells Button to go find One-Eye, worried that the Wardens will shoot him if he gets too close.

They strip Copper of her armor and weapons, and she tries to talk them into coming to some arrangement. The Wardens, though, aren't much interested, and point out that they don't have a lot of incentive not to just shoot the crew and leave them here in the ash.

Meanwhile, in the hut, One-Eye tries to talk Lady Thorn into giving them the Eye so they can make a deal. Thorn isn't having it, though; she was more inclined to give the Eye to the Wardens anyway, and this little incident isn't making her predisposed to trust the Widdershins. One-Eye, never the most patient of people, throws down a smoke bomb, tackles Lady Thorn, and snatches the Eye away. She, Cage and Button leave the hut, back to the back, watching and holding out weapons.

Of course, when they get out, they see Copper has been captured. One-Eye asks if pulling out the Eye, or threatening to destroy it, might motivate the Wardens to give up Copper, but Cage isn't sure. The Wardens, indeed, threaten to shoot Copper, but One-Eye says she'll give them the Eye for Copper. They tell Copper and One-Eye to both start walking, but Copper, true to form as a Cutter, decides she'll start a ruckus.

She snatches the mask off a Warden, and smashes the protective glyph holding the horror pulling their carriage in place. The horror knocks her out of the way and pounces on the Wardens, mauling them, and the crew gets the hell out of the area, fading into the desert.

As they walk back, they talk - argue, really - about this job. One-Eye is pissed, and of the opinion that this is Cage's fault for not telling them about the job. Cage points out that he couldn't, but One-Eye notes that she probably could have deactivated the ring preventing him, and anyway now they've lost Siren. Cage tries to find her by attuning, but can't get a fix - it's like she's not even around anymore, which is odd (even if she's dead, she should be somewhere). One-Eye argues that they should get double for this job, and that Cage ought to give up his share, or maybe they should just find another buyer. Cage points out that Penderyn is probably able to find Siren, but that letting the world know they have the Eye would put them in the crosshairs.

They eventually get back to the train, and then to Gaddoc Station, and then to Duskwall. They head for the lair (still no Siren), and Cage goes to visit Penderyn. Penderyn is unsympathetic as to Cage's problems with his crew, but says that if he has the Eye, he can find Siren. He points out, though, that there are any number of interested parties, many of whom won't be interested in buying the Eye so much as taking it, and that includes the crew's buddy Lord Scurlock. Cage reports this back to One-Eye and Copper, and they agree that selling to Penderyn is probably the best course of action.

Penderyn takes the Eye and looks palpably relieved. "You idiots just saved the city, and you don't even know it," he murmurs, and then holds it up and it starts to glow. He tells them that Siren is in Gaddoc Station, but then notes that she's walking into town. She's in Nightmarket, anyway. He pays them, suffering some pretty constant abuse from One-Eye, and shoos them out.

The crew catches up with Siren, who asks about the Eye. When she hears that Penderyn has it, she starts walking toward Charterhall, and One-Eye, concerned about this obsession, tranqs her. She wakes up, a little more clear-headed, in the lair, and the scoundrels start coping with the fallout. They inadvertently killed four Spirit Wardens, and that means the Wardens have finally had enough - they go to war. Not only that, but the Bluecoats show up to arrest the crew, and they all scatter, avoiding the arrest but worsening their relationship with the Bluecoats.

Cage visits Penderyn, hoping to learn what he meant by "saved the city," but Penderyn is being tight-lipped. Perhaps next time we'll learn the truth.