Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Night's Black Agents: One-Session Op

Yesterday was Night's Black Agents. Some very interesting developments. Read on for tentacly fun!

So! Recall that the agents were heading for Budapest to check out (and probably take out) Dr. Janos Sas, prison doc and vampire (as established here). They arrive in Budapest and find Sas' house - a very modern affair with a gate - and set up shop up the street. Firinci makes use of a contact he knows in Budapest, Lazlo Berger, and manages to get some folks on Berger's payroll into Sas' security rotation. Parker builds a new cover (really they all do), and rents a house in the area. That's more work than she was expecting - there are background checks and hoops to jump through, and she has to take it slow because she doesn't want to tip their hand. But eventually she gets moved in.

MacAteer builds a connected cover to an underboss in the area, and learns that Sas used to be a normal, corrupt-as-hell doctor (that's how he afforded that house!). But then a few years ago, he stopped being interested in money. Now, he offers favors and good reports if you agree to..."experiments" at the prison. It's kind of an underworld ghost story, but no one really knows the truth.

A couple of nights later, a guy with a flashlight comes over to peek in the windows (fortunately MacAteer, Firinci, and Hanover are offsite in a suite that Firinci has procured). Parker "surprises" him taking her trash out, and they have a halting conversation about him looking for a lost cat (he speaks only Hungarian, which Parker doesn't, but they manage to communicate a little). He's clearly lying, but he buys Parker as a legit resident rather than a spy, so that's the important thing.

Sas behaves like a lot of the other "cold" vampires they've seen - he's a creature of habit. He works long hours, rarely eats, and has minimal contact with others. They note that guards' habits, though, and realize that the guards work in four-hour shifts and change up their routines. That means if they go in, they'll have a maximum of just under four hours before more folks show up.

The agents hack into the house security and get control of the cameras, and note that there's a panic room. They can probably rig it so it doesn't open (it's got a biometric lock), and Firinci also wants to make sure the gate stays open so they can retreat if they need to.

Firinci works it so two guards in their pocket are on shift. They sneak onto the grounds and take out the third one, and then creep into the house. The two guards on shift stay out of the way (they need to have a plausible reason why they didn't interfere, after all), and the agents sneak upstairs to Sas' room.

MacAteer sneaks in and takes aim with the dart gun - the dart, recall, contains a new serum he devised to attack the alien DNA directly. He shoots Sas in the neck with it, and Sas immediately wakes up and starts screaming. He flops over and his tentacles emerge, but then split into a bunch of little tentacles. His eyes melt. His bones start to crack. He jumps forward onto MacAteer and tackles him, driving his tentacles into his chest.

MacAteer rips one tentacle out at the root, and Parker and Hanover shoot this monster with their darts. Now with a massive dose of the serum in its system, the changes get worse - Sas' rib cage splits and spreads, and his organs fall out onto MacAteer. But worse, MacAteer feels something getting injected into his chest from the tentacles. They push the creature off and Hanover shoots it in the base of the neck, severing the spine, while Parker gets to work treating MacAteer. Some of his wounds are bleeding freely...but some are oozing some blue stuff. She opens them and tries to get them clean as best she can, but who knows?

The agents search the place, grab his laptop, a bunch of files from his desk, and open the panic room. Nothing in there but weapons, food, and a phone. The fall back and burn the place (letting the guards go, obviously), and then go through the data.

The laptop holds patient reports - everything is above board. The files, though, are the real story, and show that Sas was working on a more efficient way to turn people into vampires. Nothing about Hajnal or Tesla, though, and the agents get the feeling that this is just the most recent set of notes. There's probably more at the prison, but the agents don't want to risk it. They bug out and head for Vienna, ending the op.

Firinci goes to Berlin to line up some work, but a few days in, he gets a call from Berger. Seems the guards who were on shift at Sas' place have vanished...and now Firinci feels like he's being followed.