Saturday, September 1, 2018

Character Creation: Candycreeps

Got a bit of time before the Chill game today, so let's do this.

The Game: Candycreeps
The Publisher: Candycreeps, I guess?
Degree of Familiarity: None. I've read it.
Books Required: Just the one.

Weird little game, this, and I mean that in a good way. It's set at Pembrigan Academy for Gentlemen, Ladies, and Creatures of Good Breeding, which is a boarding school that caters not only to human kids, but the undead Creeps, the animal-hybrid Pops, and pretty much any kind of weirdness you want to include.

The first chapter of the book goes into a lot of detail about the Disney Farney corporation and how they inadvertently created the Pops as living mascots, later created the Creeps through corporate negligence, and then how the Academy formed and reformed after blowing up a couple of times. Also why the Fighting Corgis are the mascots of the school. All of this is actually really well written and compelling, it's just that the font is really small in the book, so it took me a while to get through (I think actually that's why I didn't read it until now, despite really liking the initial pitch).

Anyway, I have read it now, so let's make a character.

Step One: Who the hell are you? Concept, you see. I think I'd like to make a character who transferred to Pembrigan at the beginning of high school, and seems like a totally normal guy. Actually, oh, hell, what was the name of that book? Don't Care High! (I read a lot of Gordon Korman when I was younger.) The main character moves from Saskatchewan to New York City and winds up at this high school where no one cares, and tries to make people care. Anyway, there's a bit in the novel where he's at a rally or something and I remember the line "suddenly it was all too much for a boy from Saskatchewan" and he swings down on a banner and gives a big whoop or something. I want to play that guy, someone who moved from an aggressively "normal" place and discovers that he's not normal. I actually do want some magical or creepy weirdness, but I don't want it to be obvious right away.

So, my character's name is David Rackham (he doesn't know it, but he's a descendant of Calico Jack Rackham, the pirate). Dave is 14. He's tall, gangly, and he's got some peach fuzz on his face. Actually, wait, that's kinda the next step.

Step Two: Break out the Crayons!

The sheet, as you'll see, has a skeletal (not literally) template to draw a character over. Hang on. OK, I think that's OK (I really do not have skills of an artist).

Step Three: What Makes you Stand out? Characters are really made of Features. There's a list of Features, but you can make them up, too. Features don't necessarily have mechanical effect, unless you spend points of them, which is a later step.

Well, I want Dave to have Gangly Limbs, Ordinary Face, Weird Smirk, Fighting Corgis T-Shirt (school spirit!), Blue Jeans (he can't afford the uniform), and just for fun, Red Eyes (that's new since he got to Pembrigan). That's more Features than I can actually pay for, so I think that's good. Oh, wait, I want a Cell Phone, too. And Sweet Kicks, since I took the trouble of drawing in chucks.

Step Four: What are you into? Roles, which are kind of overarching interests and training. The ones in the book don't do much for me; Reporter's kind of interesting, but eh. Actually, yeah, I do think I want that; it would give Dave a reason to be nosy and hang out with the kids.

Step Five: Crunch a few numbers. So now I decide which Features get mechanical representation. I want the Role, for sure, that eats 6 of my 15 points. I have 9, so I can take 3 Features. Well, Red Eyes, Cell Phone, and Sweet Kicks. That's my points!

Step Six: Aesthetics. Every Candycreeps character dances the line between cute and creepy. Most Features are either one or the other, but the only ones that matter are the ones I bought. So Sweet Kicks are cute, Red Eyes is one I made up but it's obviously Creepy, and Cell Phone is neither. So I'm even. (Side note: The book says there are checkboxes on the character sheet, but there aren't.) I have 1 in both, that's fine. I'm also supposed to note how I feel about both: Do I like creepy or cute things, or both, or neither? (Again, the book talks about places to note all these things that the sheet doesn't reflect bad designer bad bad no biscuit.)

Well, I think Dave secretly likes creepy things more than cute, but he's coming to that realization slowly. Like, he's never really thought about it, back in Saskatchewan (or wherever he's from), but now that he's here at Pembrigan and his eyes are glowing...

That's actually it (Step Seven is Play!). There are slots for combat stats at the bottom of the sheet, but you only get bonuses if you have Features for them, and I don't know that I do. I think that his Red Eyes should give him a bonus to find hidden things of value (he has his great-great-etc-grandfather's eyes), but that's not a combat thing, so it doesn't need to get mentioned.

Otherwise, that's me done!