Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Board Game: Locke & Key

On we go! I don't think I have the focus to make a character today, so I'll do this instead.

The Game: Locke & Key
The Publisher: Cryptozoic Games
Time: 20 minutes or so
Players: Me, Michelle, Sarah

Game Play: In this game, you're ostensibly playing the Locke family trying to defeat supernatural challenges and using magical keys. In practice, there's a stack of challenges with numerical ratings and color coding (white, black, blue). The colors have meanings in the fiction (I think blue is puzzles?) but in practice there's no difference. On your turn, you flip up a challenge and read it out (sometimes there's extra text), and everyone plays up to three cards from their hand, face down.

The cards in your hand also have colors and number ratings. After everyone plays, you flip the cards, and if the numbers of cards of the appropriate color equal or exceed the challenge, you win! The one who played the most gets the challenge card, while the one who played the second-most gets a "second place" bonus (drawing more cards, scoring cards in the player's deck, etc.). Eventually you draw a GAME OVER card and then everyone totals their scores, highest winds.

Note the mansion on the right there.
Opinions: The game works just fine, but it's not very interesting. Like, there's a fiction component to the game, but it doesn't actually figure in to anything. The game is based on a comic book series, but I've never read it, and while the art style is really cool, that by itself isn't enough to make up for not having a frame of reference for this "Locke" family or why these "keys" are important. The gameplay is fun, but it's not enough to make me want to pull it out when other, more interesting games exist.

I did win, though.
Keep? Nah.