Monday, September 10, 2018

Board Game: J'Accuse!

These always take me a while. But I'm doing it!

The Game: J'Accuse!
The Publisher: Smirk & Dagger
Time: 20 minutes, give or take
Players: Me, Michelle, Megan, Sarah

Game Play: The victim (who has a name, I just don't remember it because it's long) was kacked in the house, and we're all the suspects! Everyone chooses a suspect (complete with a character card), and then you draw evidence from three different decks - Weapon, Motive, and Opportunity. Players then choose to pass evidence left, right, or across, or to play the J'accuse! card, which cements evidence as "hard" evidence.

Trick is, one player each turn is also the Inspector, who plays an investigation card that specifies which kind of evidence is affected that turn. As such, it's not to your advantage to J'accuse! if you've got evidence on you that's going to get affected, but of course there's no way to know that.

Sarah's smiling. She did it.
In addition, every suspect is "immune" to a certain evidence of each type; I had the late victim's spouse, and she's immune to "In the Dark" as her eyes are too bad to see. That just means you can't fix that evidence on that character, which plays nicely into the strategy.

The noose is tightening. 
Opinions: I really like the game. The rules text encourages you to play out the accusations and make a story out of it, and that's fun but unnecessary (and requires the right group and/or some libations). The artwork is fun, and the little quasi-alibis on the cards are clever (though some of them, we noted, wouldn't so much allay suspicion as intensify it).

Keep? Yep!