Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Promethean: Provocations

So! Last time, the throng (most of it) was in the jailhouse now. Avalon is incarcerated, Skip was off dealing with Donnie, and the others were in the waiting area of the jail, noting that some kind of riot had occurred.

So let's rewind and talk about Skip (whose player missed last session). Skip gets a text message from Grimm telling him to look in on Donnie, as Donnie was going to get see a girl and Grimm was worried about what he might do. Skip catches up with Donnie as he's walking across the street to talk to her (she's walking out of her apartment complex). He starts talking to her, and Skip notes that he's obviously, nervously professing love, but she's somewhere between putting him off nicely and reaching for her pepper spray.

Skip, on the Provocateur Role, remember, waits until Donnie pauses and then uses the Baffle Distillation on Jenny. She stops, stunned, and Donnie hangs there in limbo for a minute, and then gets angry. He rants a bit about how she could at least respond, and then his disfigurements flare. He turns and runs off, and Skip isn't sure what he did, but Jenny slumps to the ground and sits against the building.

Skip approaches and tries to make sure she's OK, but winds up with a failure-turned-to-dramatic-failure on the Presence roll, and Jenny just starts screaming. Skip, knowing when things are going from bad to worse, fucks off. He reflects that it's really easy to push humans into negative responses, and thinks that if he ever becomes human, he'll need to watch that. He feels Vitriol flood his, and achieves his milestone for the Provocateur Role: Push another Promethean into Torment.

The others are back at the jail, and they decide that there's not a lot they can do from here. They decide to fall back, though Virgil texts Grimm and says that he and Feather are going to check something out (Feather's player was out this week on a severe case of Oklahoma). They head outside, and Skip catches up with them. He tells them what happened with Donnie, and Grimm decides they'd better go find this idiot before he hurts someone.

Meanwhile, in the jail cell, Avalon is confused. She's lost time, and looking around her cell, she sees that the second bed is disturbed - but she didn't disturb it. She decides to meditate and try and get into the zen-artist headspace that the achieved with Emil (but without mescaline this time). She manages that like whoa (she got like 7 successes on the roll), and gets fragments of her time back - someone else was in the room with her, someone she'd met before, but she doesn't remember much else. She forces an Elpis vision, and finds herself floating on a boat down a river made of...Azoth? Fire? Pyros? She drinks a bit and sees her whole Pilgrimage condensed into a few seconds. Up ahead in the river, there's a huge black space, a "nothing" around which the river is flowing. She steers close to it and reaches it, and something grabs her hand. It goes numb, and her gears stop turning, so she quickly lets it go. Whatever this space is, it's anti-Pilgrimage.

She wakes up, and finds herself holding the black orb she found in the floor. Her hand is numb.

The others track down Donnie (using Matt and Enoch's proficiency with Heed the Call), and find a house sound of campus - Donnie's upstairs. They knock on the door and Grimm informs the woman who lives there that he thinks someone's in her house, and manages to be convincing enough that she comes out to call the police. Skip and Grimm go upstairs and find Donnie, and talk him into going out the window and talking with them. He does, and Enoch goes around back and uses Glimpsing the Crasis to cure his Torment. He finds himself in a vision with Donnie, and Donnie tells him that his creator didn't really tell him much - he just made Donnie and left, and then there was an Azoth flare and he was gone. Enoch surmises that this means he achieved the New Dawn, and Donnie muses that it would have been nice if he'd left a note or something.

They come out of the vision, and Donnie says he's going to skip town for a while and try and catch up with Jesse. Grimm says that Donnie should stay in touch - he might not need a throng, but he probably needs friends. Enoch asks that he give Jesse their contact info, and Donnie agrees, and walks off.

The throng hits up a power station to recharge - except Matt, who's already headed back to the exhibit hall to help Jenna tear down her booth. Before he does, he uses the Morning Star Alembic to nudge a group of people into buying stuff at her booth, which of course boosts her Sunday sales, which is always nice. They start working and flirting...and then Matt notices something strange. Everyone around them is frozen, stopped in time...and he hears claw clicks on the floor.

Jenna notices this, too, and swears. "They've found me. Shit. Wait, why aren't you frozen?" Matt, never one for guile under pressure, reveals that he's a Promethean, and Jenna has no idea what that means, but responds to the word "Pilgrimage." She tells him, "OK, this is going to be a little weird, and I'm sorry if this changes how you feel about me."

And she changes into a biomechanical nightmare. He legs and arms lengthen, her skin becomes mirrored, and electricity flows over her body. And then the dog attacks.

The dog is built about like a mastiff, but much bigger. Its eyes are LED lights cycling between 0 and 9, and when it barks, it sounds like a corrupted digital file. It also shoots glass shards when it barks; the first time, both Matt and "Jenna" spin out of the way, but then it rears up and barks ahead, and the glass shreds Matt's shirt and flesh. Jenna smacks it and Matt shoots it, and it stumbles, and Jenna grabs part of her clothes rack and rams it through the thing's chest. It disappears in a puff of digits, and Jenna turns back into herself.

"I have to go," she says. "There are probably more coming. Can you finish here?" Matt agrees, and Jenna tells him to meet her friend "Dry" (Dreyfus) later at Hound Dog. If his friends are Prometheans, hell, bring them, too. The dog-creature isn't dead, just discorporated, and if it comes back it'll bring help.

Matt asks what it was. "An angel," she says, and kisses him before running off.