Sunday, July 29, 2018

Chill: You Are Going to Jail, Kevin

Finally, we got to play Chill.

Last time, the envoys looked into evidence of a werewolf - possibly Dylan's brother - and its victims, the Caldwells.

Today, as they're getting ready to head out to investigate more, Darnell finds BB and tells him that a man was killed out by where they were investigating yesterday. The victim, one Kyle Brandt, was an employee of the saw mill (the envoys actually met him yesterday). They head back out there, minus Luther, who had something else to do and couldn't join them. They take firearms, and they discuss their strategy: Dylan raises a Sphere of Protection, Jeanie and BB shoot it.

They get to the mill and find lots of police and employees milling around. Dylan talks to the employees and learns that Brandt tends to work late. It looked to them like something grabbed him as he came down the stairs from the office, and dragged him between the buildings.

Jeanie and BB, meanwhile, walk around the building to see if they can find tracks - and lo, they can. They follow the tracks out into the field (well, BB does, Jeanie gets caught up by the cops and lectured about being around a crime scene). BB finds, weirdly, that there are wolf tracks, but then a pair of human shoe prints that just kind of appear, and walk with the wolf, and then fade out. Weird.

Jeanie joins BB, and they find the trail leads to the road, and they see a guy on his porch cleaning a shotgun. He tells them there's a bear or something around and a bunch of the locals are setting traps (so the envoys need to be careful). They decided to check back on the Caldwell's house, figuring the wolf might have fallen back there to lurk during the day (Dylan got some info about werewolves from SAVE, but they were nonspecific about what happens to lycanthropes during daylight hours).

They come up to the door and Jeanie sees that the police tape is broken. That's enough for her, she grabs her shotgun. They open the door and head in, and everything goes dead silent. Dylan raises the Sphere and they can hear again, and they see Darnell (or what looks like him) sitting on the steps. He tries to sell the deception at first, but it doesn't really work, so the thing changes into Loomis, the scarecrow. This is enough for Jeanie, again, and she levels the shotgun, but then everything outside of the Sphere goes dark. Now unable to see the target, the envoys fall back and step outside the kitchen door...whereupon their car smashes into the house at them. Jeanie barely manages (through use of her Quicken discipline) to shove the others back into the house, and Dylan reestablishes the Sphere.

Figuring that they need to make a statement, they decide to blow up the house. Jeanie pulls the over out and breaks open the gas line, while Dylan and BB head for the window in the dining room. Jeanie, once she's out of the Sphere, finds everything going dark and her body coordination going. BB tosses Dylan out the window, and then jumps back to grab Jeanie.

But outside, Dylan sees his brother staggering out of the trees. He's missing a finger, and beckons to Dylan, but Dylan holds fast. BB and Jeanie get out, and Alex starts to grow fur. BB shoots him (with some difficulty, as he's Reluctant to Harm), and Jeanie walks right up and shoots him in the head, killing him. She then grabs a flare from the car and tosses it in the house. Boom.

Of course, this brings the police, and all three of them are arrested. Dylan is breaking down, of course, babbling about werewolves, and the other two know to ask for a lawyer. They eventually wind up claiming self defense, which wouldn't work, except that the coroner's van carrying Alex's body crashes later that night. Both men in it are ripped apart, and Alex's body is gone.

Annie (the lawyer, remember) manages to plead them down to probation, which means that they'll be under the watchful eye of the law next time we have a case with them. I think that the next case, though, might involve Willa, Jordan, and Blake.