Monday, July 2, 2018

Blades Prep

Thinking about moving my game-prep posts over to Scrivener or something. It's not that I don't like sharing them with y'all, but I'd kinda like to have everything in one place and the posts get a little unwieldy (suppose I could go back to doing them in notebooks, but eh, my wrist cramps easily, plus then I'd have to cope with my handwriting and a lack of a search function).


Last time the scoundrels opened up a big can of worms, they just don't know it yet. With Lord Spurlock's cloak gone, Seterra can find him again, and can force him to do awful demon-stuff. That means that 12-clock is no longer on hold, which also means I need to think about what it means when it runs out and how fast it advances.

So let's start with the clocks.

  • Unseen: Infiltrate the Spirit Wardens (6/8) 
  • Spirit Wardens: Uncover the infiltration (4/8) 
  • Gondoliers: Investigate the desecrated hollows (7/8)
  • Scurlock: Fulfill debt to Seterra (1/12)
  • Circle of Flames: Obtain all the remains of Kotar (Eye, Hand, Heart, Tongue): 6/8
  • Grinders: Build an army (6/12), Fill war treasury (7/12)
  • Fog Hounds: Obtain a regular patron (6/6 - COMPLETE), Eliminate rival smugglers (0/8)
  • Lampblacks: Losing patience with Widdershins (4/6)
I actually think that offering the crew more work at this point is counterproductive; they need to handle their affairs. Sure, they could go after the eggs, and if they want to do that I can run that job, but really at this point they should be going after the Red Sashes or, perhaps, getting Cricket on their side. 

So with that in mind:

Making an Omelet: Yes, still. The Spirit Wardens use deathseeker crows to seek out people who die in the city. The Unseen wants to weaken that ability by training their own, but they haven't managed to breed them. They want some eggs from the rookery at the Belleweather Crematorium. Grull (a carriage driver, but actually one of the Unseen) told them about this score already; it's still available. He'll meet them wherever they want with the goods, but they have only an hour to get the eggs from the Crematorium to him or else they don't get paid. Complications: Ghost guardians, guards with sparkcraft weapons, someone might recognize Cage's mask, doing this loud will mean going to war with the Spirit Wardens.

Luxury Fence: Penderyn is still not speaking to Cage, he gave this job to the Fog Hounds. The Hounds shake her down, beat her, grab her client list, and move up in the world (they are now Tier II). Cricket (she tends to chirp/whistle when she's nervous or bored). Cricket is short, wears her hair in a bob, and dresses somewhat less than luxuriously, but she can find a buyer for some really high-end stuff. Cricket is presently out of luck - she's lost the patronage of the Hive and she's lost her client list. If the crew can get back the list, she'd be happy to be their fence.

Killing Gargoyle: The plan last time was that the crew would take out Gargoyle, and the Crows would take out Mylera Klev, and then the Crows would absorb the Sashes' resources and all would be well (of course, that leaves the Lampblacks to deal with the Crows, but that's not necessarily Widdershins' problem). Honestly I kinda see this plotline as being secondary to the demon/vampire one, so I'd like to wrap it up, so let's say that if the crew kills Gargoyle, the Crows can take out Klev (but maybe she escapes and heads for someplace Iruvian to regroup, necessitating the crew to chase her down and kill her before she can make it there?). The PCs have all the info they need on Gargoyle to start a job. Complications: Gargoyle is hella fast and if he gets to a friendly place, the crew has to contend with some pissed-off Red Sashes. The need to cut off his escape routes.

I think that's probably good for now; next time we'll get into trouble from the ocean and Spurlock and so on, but right now all that stuff is just simmering.