Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Quite Literally This Time

Last night was Blades, and lo, the scoundrels completed a job that's been bedeviling them for some time.

Last time, you may remember, they took a job for Lyssa of the Crows in return for some help killing Mylera Klev, leader of the Red Sashes, and then set up their next job: Killing Gargoyle, looking and spy for said Sashes. We pick up this time as the Widdershins, already turned to shadow by Cage's magic, ambush Gargoyle outside a drug den in the Docks.

One-Eye darts him with a paralysis drug and he starts to seize up, but then Cage hits him with a dagger and manages to bleed out the potion. Gargoyle starts to run, but Siren hits him with a thrown dagger and Copper walks right up, cuts his throat, and grabs his mask. Done. He's dead.

Well, nothing's ever easy.

Siren sends her hunting raptor, Bartok, to the Crows to let them know their part of the job is done, and the crew heads back to Nightmarket. But then Siren and One-Eye arrive at the Ruby and find a Crow and Bartok waiting, with a message: "Klev escaped. Heading for Iruvian consulate."

If Klev makes it to the consulate, she'll go to ground and probably be untouchable. Plus, this will have the makings of a diplomatic incident. The scoundrels head out there lickety-split, and arrive at the consulate just before Klev does. They park the boat round the back of the building, and Siren and Cage scale the building while Copper and One-Eye flank it. And there they see Klev, wounded, coming toward the gates with two bodyguards.

Knowing that if she reaches the gates, they're done, One-Eye steps out and flings a smoke bomb...but misses. The bodyguards spring into action and one closes with her, brandishing his sword. Copper rounds the corner and closes with the other bodyguard and Klev. Copper and Button face off against them. One-Eye draws a gun and fires at the other guard, who spins and vanishes into an alleyway.

Copper shoots at Klev and drops her (but it's hard to know if she's dead). Siren shoots as well, and manages to hit Copper (though not injure her, thanks to armor). Cage and Siren scale the building and get down to the bottom, but note that the place is getting more active - guards, lights, guns. Siren lays down suppressive fire and drives back the guard, but also scares away Button.

One-Eye heads for the melee, but the other guard appears and slashes her legs. Siren sends Bartok to intervene, but the guy wraps the bird up in the defensive sash around his hand and flings him off. Copper, meanwhile, tries to assess whether Klev is dead, but the guard takes the opportunity and slashes her chest, nearly killing her.

One-Eye yells for help, and Siren vaults the fence. Cage goes to follow, but realizes that the fence has been electrified, so he's forced to take it slow and let his boots insulate him. One-Eye rolls a small grenade toward the guard attacking her and it explodes, incapacitating him, while Siren shoots the other one dead. Cage walks up to Klev and shoots her in the head, figuring it's best to be sure, and then all of the scoundrels run (Siren helping Copper as she's too hurt to run on her own).

They get back to the boat and manage to get back to their headquarters without incident, and over the next couple of days meet with Pickett of the Lampblacks (who discharges their debt and thanks them; it was messy but that's no skin off the Lampblacks' backs) and Lyssa of the Crows (who apologizes for losing Klev and gives them some money, but the subtext is very much "yeah, what exactly are you going to do, file a complaint?").

The scoundrels don't get any entanglement problems, but they do have one major issue: Their wanted level is now high enough that anyone connected to their crew that goes to jail now stands to be executed. They spend some downtime actions finding a patsy, and hit upon a Ministry of Preservation worker named Arvus Keel - he's corrupt and rough, and no fan of Iruvians, which is good enough. They plant evidence on him and then Cage sends ghosts to bedevil him and get him noticed, and the Bluecoats come for him. He's convicted and executed for the murders outside the Iruvian consulate. Case closed (well, the wanted level is still high, its just not that high).

We shall see what the nights of Doskovol hold for our scoundrels next time.