Friday, June 29, 2018

Game Prep: Staggering Through Summer

Always surprises me how much my work day wipes me out. Like, I know I can't complain (my job is actually pretty cushy, all things considered), but home at the end of the day and I can't focus, which makes writing and gamestuff hard.

Anyway, with that in mind, I'm running Night's Black Agents and Alas for the Awful Sea this weekend, neither of which I have prepared for, so I figure I better do that.

Night's Black Agents

Right, so. Last time, we met the new agents and there was some minimal prep and investigation, and they decided to go after Klobucar (which means heading to Sarajevo). That means I need to figure out what's actually going on with ol' Davor.

So, Davor has years and years of contacts and folks who owe him favors, but the problem is that the conspiracy is looking for him in the same way they looked for the agents. As such, said conspiracy has someone in Sarajevo looking for him. Is this important enough to send a puppeteer? I think maybe, but it'd have to be a Gen 1, probably created by Tesla or Hajnal.

We'll call him Attila Kornai, and say that he's a mid-level tough from Budapest, part of a gang that Hajnal has kept on tap for a while. So he's brought some of his boys to Sarajevo and Hajnal has put word out that they're not to be fucked with; Kornai has done the trick of turning a couple of folks into vampires to help with muscle. They're looking for Klobucar and running down known associates.

The agents can take whatever approach they want (though I'm rather regretting not having them make a specific plan last time). I guess the things to know are:

  • Klobucar is in Sarajevo, but trying to get out safely
  • Attila Kornai and a gang of six human thugs plus two vampires are looking for him
    • The vampires stay with Attila, but the thugs travel in groups of three
  • Klobucar will reach out to Janos Kurchef if:
    • He learns that Parker or MacAteer are alive
    • He has any reason to think Janos can help him
  • Klobucar will reach out to the conspiracy if he learns that Hanover is alive, unless he has a good reason (like a Reassurance spend) to think that it's in his better interest to spill his guts
  • Folks in the criminal underworld have been asking after Klobucar lately, so doing that won't necessarily raise any flags
  • The agents can find that there have been brutal, random killings of late (vampire food) if they look
  • If the "dead" agents are exposed, Hajnal comes to Sarajevo and brings a lot of backup, and calls in favors to keep the agents in the city
I think that's good for now.

Alas for the Awful Sea

Well, this being a PbtA game, I don't really have to "prepare" anything, but there are a couple of potential scenarios to use and I think that with a game like this it's probably not a terrible idea.

Ok, cool. Well, having now read the Greymoor stuff, I think that'll be a pretty good start (I also think that, unlike a lot of PbtA games, Alas basically needs a little bit of prep so that the characters have somewhere to go and some leads to follow). 

(And there's an anthology of stories, but the one that I was thinking of, which about whaling, gets weird at the end. That actually happens in Greymoor, too. For a low-fantasy game, the published scenarios kinda go off the rails.)

Well, I like Greymoor better, so I'll use that, but I think I'll avoid the "everyone got turned into seals" plotline. Or, rather, I can keep that because it never really comes up unless the PCs find the three human-form Ronan on the beach, and I'll skip that because, again, it jumps from low fantasy to high fantasy really quickly. 

So for Sunday's game, we'll start out on the ship, do the "washed up on shore and meet Ronny & Will," and then we can go from there to Ruby, Bart, the Inspector, and if time allows, Lydia. That should be good for a first session, and then if the players want to pursue Greymoor they can, otherwise, they can leave when the ship is fixed and I'll come up with something else.

I think that'll do it.