Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Promethean: New Story, New City, New Problems

Monday was Promethean. It's a trip....back in time! (Kinda.)

Recall that the throng was headed out from Lexington after witnessing Lurch achieve the New Dawn. This is humbling for all of them - they reflect, on the drive, about how that might affect them when the time comes. Grimm notes that he's feeling his time coming (his Pilgrimage score is high), while Enoch wonders if New Dawn come with redemption for the thing he's done in his life as a Promethean. Avalon muses about being "human" and what that would mean to someone who was built from gears and wax, and Matt wonders if the New Dawn is even open to him, as an Extempore.

They arrive in Columbus and Grimm finds a shady auto dealer. They trade in the RV (which was stolen, remember) for a mini-van; Avalon does the talking and the salesman does the paperwork in a shady sort of manner and she winds up with registration info as well (attached to her alternate ID!). They get in the van and head into town to get pizza, and find themselves sitting near some folks with name badges, one of whom is dressed in a cloak with pointy ears, playing a card game. Feather asks, and they tell her they're attending a gaming convention called Origins this weekend. (In game, it's June 28, 2008. I should also mention that as I'm writing this, the event grid is supposed to go live for Origins 2018, and the site won't load. So, basically, business as usual.)

The Prometheans talk about this. Grimm isn't interesting; games sound boring to him. The rest of the throng, though, is interested - Enoch points out that their interactions in Lexington were mostly with other Prometheans or were violent in nature, and they haven't had a lot of contact with normal people in a while. The other agree; besides, they don't really have any idea what they should be looking for here (the murders they learned about were over a month ago, and they aren't sure if Jesse is still in town).

They finish their pizza and head for the convention center. They buy badges and start wandering around the dealer's hall. Avalon, Matt, and Feather wind up at a corset booth where a woman fits Avalon for a brown leather corset with gears (very steampunky); it's expensive, and Avalon asks the woman to hold it for her. Matt finds some people who recognize him; rather, they point out that he looks just like James Canaday, the actor who used to be on that TV show about vampires who died in a fall shooting a movie in Pennsylvania. He chats with them a few minutes and gets his picture taken.

Skip looks at the boffer weapons a while (and is a little confused), and then winds up at the Geek Chic booth. He decides he could definitely make custom furniture to fund the group's endeavors, but he'd need materials and a place to do it.

Enoch finds a "paint and keep" minis booth and winds up winning a prize (he got an exceptional success on a Crafts roll). Grimm isn't really into any of this, but chats with Virgil, and Virgil says he wants to go play something called "Rising" tonight. Grimm agrees to go; shooting people with Nerf guns sounds fun. Feather buys a couple of board games to play with the throng.

And then we fast forward to evening. Virgil and Grimm have their game, Avalon meets some artists and goes out drinking (she's hoping to get them to fund her corset), Feather hangs out in the Big Bar, Skip and Enoch are hanging near the car (Skip is sketching out a design for a roof-rack), and Matt goes to play in a vampire-themed LARP.

(Please note: It can't be Masquerade or Requiem because that's a little too meta, so maybe Nightlife blew up in this universe and has a LARP version.)

Grimm and Virgil, during their game, notice a door ajar in the basement rooms in the Hyatt, and what looks like a Pilgrim Mark carved into the wall. When the game is over, they go and find Feather, and the three of them sneak in. It's a Pilgrim Mark, all right - "afraid," with a slash through it. So, not afraid? It doesn't look very old, Grimm guesses it was carved within a month. They bring Enoch down there and he uses Plumb the Fathoms to analyze the area, and learns that Jesse carved it - and is still alive.

Meanwhile, Avalon is out drinking. She, of course, can get drunk, but it takes some doing. She winds up dancing on a table at a bar (she's on Cobalus, remember, and is following Deviant), and they wind up getting kicked out. The cops are called, but Avalon smooths things over and suggests they all go back to the hotel to keep drinking.

All in all, the throng is enjoying the con. We'll see what happens next, probably starting with the LARP.